Ampullary cancer

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Ampullary cancer

by kyhillbilly on Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:10 AM

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My brother had surgery for tumor at the end of bial duct approx 3cm had gallbladder,  some intestines,  part of his liver, pancreas,  and 12 lymph nodes biopsy results it was Ampullary cancer,  8 of 12 lymph nodes removed was positive was supposed to start chemo / radiation and has waited 2 months for approval from insurance for chemo / radiation.

I'm concerned that the 2 months were critical for any chance of his survival.

He's changed his diet,  I've searched for best cancer fighting foods came up with garlic,  turmeric,  cooked tomatoes , blueberries , and mushrooms.  I bought capsule type garlic extract,  and turmeric for him today and come home read the bottle and turmeric says if you've had bial duct or gallstones to ask your doctor if you should take and garlic says same if you've had surgery or on meds.

Any advice on good cancer fighting foods or anything at all as far as treatment, clinical trials available etc,.

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