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Personality Change

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Personality Change

by Andrea1969 on Wed Jun 26, 2019 06:39 PM

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Hi everyone,

I came here to gather as much info I can on how to deal with this horrible desease.

My youngest son (24) was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer early this year.He had the tumor removed and went through a 6 week treatment plan (daily chemo pill and radiation).He is now on the prevention treatment chemo pill 1 week a month for 6 month.

He is taking everything pretty good and is very positive.

The reason why I'm here is to find out if anyone has had the character changes issues,angry outbursts and poor decision making with the brain cancer patient.

My son was never disrespectful towards me or my husband but he has been ever since he was forced to move back in with us.He NEVER EVER snapped at me or did other hurtfull things to me.For example ...I recently celebrated my 50th birthday,he did not wish me a happy birthday which is so not my soun.He has said hurtfull things to my husband,older son and me and is back to his loving and caring ways the next day..He is usually very caring,helpfull and loving....I feel like I don't know him when he has these outbursts

We are doing everything to make things easier for him but at times he refuses our help and makes very poor desicions(at one point he drove around with a flat tire and we had to tell him over and over again to get it fixed or put air in it,my husband even offered to go turn it in or buy him a new tire he made me crazy to think he's driving around like this...this happened before he was even diagnosed and SO out of character) and therefor things harder for himself.

I know in my heart that he is like this due to the cancer,my kid was never like this before.

I have a hard time convincing my Husband that my sons changes are due to the cancer and it makes me sad that my husband thinks otherwise.Has anyone had experiences like this?Any input or tips on how to best handle these situations would be greatly appreciated.....thank you in advance :o)

RE: Personality Change

by ottoh on Thu Jun 27, 2019 03:50 PM

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Hi Andrea, Yes, there can be some personnality changes. First off, while removing the tumor, they had to take some of the brain matter with it. That can change the way a person thinks. Is he still on Dex or some other steroid for swelling? The radiation can also have that effect as it clouds the brain and you can't think as clear as before and that can be very frustrating. My wife has had two surgeries in the right frontal lobe. She became very docile and accually seemed happier. This was 3 years ago. She has slowly improved, but now is becoming angry when she misplaces things, can't remember what day it is and forgets alot. It's hard to readdjust to what was once normal as now thing seem to be harder to deal with. Try to be paient, and your son will come around. I know it's hard, but I'm sure he still loves his family and his family loves him. Love will over come!!! I'm still dealing with it and I feel it has actually made me into a better, more patient and loving human. Just remember, he is still with you and that's a very big pluss. Good luck and God bless. Aloha

RE: Personality Change

by Andrea1969 on Sun Jun 30, 2019 08:53 PM

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Thank you for the reply....I greatly appreciate it :o)

RE: Personality Change

by ToddlerFather on Mon Jul 01, 2019 07:31 PM

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A family member had strong personality changes while the tumor was undiagnosed, so yes, brain tumors can change personality either when growing or when ressected. 

In our case that person soon returned to the previous personality, but is fighting day by day to return to the previous phisicality. 

But the tumor might not be the whole issue: my stage IV condition put me in such a depression that everything changed. So he might be seeing life differently now, and that's something that specific treatment might help. 

RE: Personality Change

by Andrea1969 on Mon Jul 01, 2019 08:03 PM

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Thank you so much.......this helps a lot,reading it from other people that have been through it.The Dr's told us that it can change his personality (and it has)but I didn't think it would be to this extend.....again thank you so much for replying I wish you and your loved ones the best.

RE: Personality Change

by islandhogan on Tue Jul 16, 2019 04:20 PM

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Hi Andrea

I'm new here and new to all of this, the world of brain cancer.

My wife of 43 years was diagnosed last month with a stage 4 glioblastoma.  She had a surgery to remove what surgeon referred to as a small tumour and very operable. Radiation and chemtherapy start next week. Fortunately we are in BC Canada so the medical services are amazingly good. The cancer agency near us is impressive and the staff are wondeful.  We're greeted by first names after only a couple of visits, very little wating etc.  Our daughter is a science professor at UBC and our son is in charge of his division of a company that has several medical researchers on staff.  We are retired more or less but still have a couple of small businessees and we live in an increible supportive and beautiful rural community  I mention the above to make a point that even though we have resources and live seemed perfect, everything unfolded for us as it should have; it all fell apart with such rapidity that I am just now able to start to focus on the path ahead.  We are not wealthy but certainly Ok that way and our health was good and  we were set to enjoy the coming years together after many years of hard work.  Now I wake each day wondering how to supprot the person I have been in love for the last several decades.

D is an educated very literate peson,  Since I have known her she has read at least 20 novels a year, she has always done the books for our businesses and a lot of the necessary writing.  She has been on numerous community boards and local non-profit fund raising projects.  The cruel twist of fate from her operation is that now she can't read.  Every 3rd or 4th word is somehow misinterpreted from the damage of the surgery.  Numbers are  a little better but she might have a moment such as the not being able to tell what time it is or the difference between 10$ and 100$.  The brain is amazingly complex and the why and why nots for a lay person are truly staggering to understand.

The doctors have told us that these cognitive errors may get a bit better in the short term but to be perpared for eventual decay.  This gives me such fear that I really don't know how to handle it.  I am not the type of person that has ever asked for help from otheers or thought I would be part of a "support" group.  In my work I managed large construciton crews for years.  But now-  I am planning on taking advantage of the brain cancer family support that is offered.  For I know not what else to do.

I find a certan shame in worrying about myself when i am not the direct victim of this awful diseae but in some ways the whole family is victimized by this. We are a close and loving family and will fight through this together.  We are taking stock and counting our blessings as they say.  Amongst the devastation there are moments of incredible beauty and love.  Oddly, I feel I have fallen in love all over again with my wife.  This all somehow made me not want to take anything for granted and to take the good time we have ahead and fill it with joy and love as best we are able.

Apologies if this is too much information, I guess I just had a need to get some of it out and to say I have a compasssion for what you must be experiencing.

Thanks for listening


RE: Personality Change

by AkaBear on Thu Aug 08, 2019 03:32 AM

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Just a question in relation to personality change, as this affects my family too. I have experienced strong changes in my partner but only myself and kids appear to notice.

To everyone else my partner has not changed.

In your case, is the personality change experienced by everyone interacting with your son, or specific/exaggerated to certain people only?

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