Colon cancer and Treatment options for Colostomy

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Colon cancer and Treatment options for Colostomy

by Malike4u on Sun Aug 04, 2019 12:42 PM

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I am Malik, from Kerala, India. My grandmother got diagnosed Colon Cancer on last Oct 2018. She is 70± years old, and for last some years she is taking tablets and inhaler for lungs problem.  The symptom of the disease was constipation, that also we got to know by checking the reason for not taking food much for some months. Physically she is slim and weak, take only little food. Always she likes to feed us. 

After one week of diagnosis, one surgery had done, after surgery doctor said the cancerous cells are removed. He has not prescribed for chemotherapy or radiation.

After surgery she started to have little more than before.

Two weeks back she was saying about high loose motion with blood. 

Now doctor suggested for Colostomy that too asap. My grandmother is very shy, don't ask anything for her, always think about our effort for her. We have tension about the surgery, how will be the life after surgery, how it will effect her in lifestyle and mentally, the surgery will be a good option or what will be other treatments,  is there any treatment to avoid surgery and have a happy life. 

I would like to know more about colostomy procedure, post surgery life. And the alternative treatment options available, what all are the things need to check with doctors, what can we do as the best. 

Thank you for the time and consideration.

My god bless you. 

May god bless all.

RE: Colon cancer and Treatment options for Colostomy

by chalmj on Mon Aug 05, 2019 06:11 PM

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Hello Malik,

So sorry to hear about your grandmother. My brother was diagnosed with colon cancer. He was bleeding so they talked him into having a colostomy bag operation, supposedly temorarily, to stop using his  colon to help stop the bleeding but the cancer quickly spread to the surgey area and that killed him. Surgery causes inflammation. Cancer thrives in inflammed evnvironments. 

Can you tell me why the surgery? It does not do anything to help treat her colon cancer does it? We patients (I have HNSCC for 7 years now) all have to be careful what treatment is recommended as conventional medicine has as its major marching order the need to make big bucks so recommendations may be based more on that than their effectiveness.  

There are natural alternatives available for all cancers. What is your grandmothers AM waking urine PH? If it is low, as it is in all cancer patients it seems, she could implement the Gerson Therapy - drinking vegetable juices throughout the day and eating alkaline foods to bring the PH back up to normal. In a book called "Never fear Cance Again" by Raymond Francis he states - restoring your PH to normal is one of the most fundamental things a cancer patient can do to help prevent and reverse cancer

I recommend checking out you tube videos on colon cancer conventional treatment options. For example there are yearly meetings from organizations like ASCO or ESMO where clinical oncologists present to their peirs the latest and greatest on cancer treatment options for various cancers. 

What is her diet? Cancer may already be placing a hugh acidic challenge on her body - it ozzes out lactic acid constantly which then travels through the blood to the liver to get converted back into glucose in the liver to feed the cancer again - a cycle know as cachexia - resposible for many cancer patients simply wasting away as this cycle steals so much energy from the body. I have read it is responsible for many cancer patient deaths. 

If she is eating highly acidic foods like wheat and sugar how can she recover? If she has been eating these highly acidic foods over years that may be the reason she got cancer. 

We just have to understand that if they can't make big bucks on it conventional medicine won't offer it so you will never see doctors telling you about how to restore normal PH, or how to boost you immune system with fermented foods, or needed lifestyle/diet changes.


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