recurrent anaplastic oligoastrocytoma

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recurrent anaplastic oligoastrocytoma

by jaygirl on Tue Oct 01, 2019 07:55 PM

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I am not new to this discussion but never posted myself...first would like to thankyou everyone here as this is great site and has helepd me for many years.

My husband 47 now...was diagnosed with oligoastrocytoma grade 2 in 2003 after having severe headaches and was taken to ER...undergone surgery in Dec 2003 pathology was oligoastrocytoma grade 2 , we were just engaged at that time , he got subtotal resection and had 4 cycles of PCV after that , it was stopped due to liver issues ...and we were getting yearly scans . we also got married in 2004 .

Than in 2007 he had first generalized seizure and we thought tumor has returned but everything was stable except he was put on anti seizure medictaion Lamotrigine ....

in 2010 had his annual MRI which showed recurrence of tumor and so had another bifrontal cranitomy and this time pathology came back as anaplastic oligoastrocytoma . he underwent chemo with temodar and Proton radiation and after that for 12 months of temodar. Did well untill 2017 when his scans again showed recurrence , but very subtle changes so tried temodar again which did not stop changes also tried PCV for another cycle which also did not stopped changes in MRI but neurosurgeon was not ready to operate as it was very small and slow growing and was afraid would not get enough tissue for correct diagnosis and also clinically he never had any symptoms or signs. 

In 2018 it was still growing slowly so had another proton radiation which stabilized the growth for 1 year and in 2019 again started growing again and this time it ws fast growing so had third craniotomy and pathology is still same but this time they did all genetic testing and shows it is 1/19 co deletion.

His last MRI 2 montsh after surgery shows tumor is still growing aggressively and so his neuroonc has started Avastin infusion for him every 3 weeks, but recently he is losing balance 

Is there anything else that people can recommend .....

this forum is great support for me please any suggestions.

Thank you

RE: recurrent anaplastic oligoastrocytoma

by ottoh on Mon Oct 07, 2019 06:51 AM

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Hi Jaygirl, we use THC and CBD's . Do a little reading and see what you come up with. It seems to be working for us. Good luck and God bless

RE: recurrent anaplastic oligoastrocytoma

by netio78 on Mon Oct 07, 2019 03:43 PM

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We are sorry to hear about this challenge and would like to provide some guidance to you in this time of need.
One of our experienced Patient Advocates is available now to assist you at 847-342-6493. Please feel free to reach out anytime. 
Looking forward to being of assistance,

Elmer Velasco
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Sr Patient Advocate

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