Thyroid Surgery

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Thyroid Surgery

by Swifty on Sun Oct 20, 2019 06:35 PM

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I am back here to share that I have failed in my effort to save my thyroid. I tried active surveillance (controversial I know). I have a small papillary nodule. (and a few others that were not biopsied). The 6 month followup scared me, even though it was due to an error by the radioligist's report. It recorded the measurement as if it had grown 50% which is clearly not "slow growing" Also insinuated lymph node involvement. A followup with the surgeon clarified that the measurement was because there is a (new?) nodule so close to the exisiting one they are touching and were measured as one, expaining the new size. The reality is that I spent 10 days feeling terrified and second guessing my decision. I was thinking how foolish that it had been caught early and I did nothing and now it is a whole new scenario. In addition a lump appeared on my clavicle bone that week (turned out it is not cancer). In any case even though the lymph nodes are merely inflamed from the Hashi's, the inflamed lymph nodes do not appear malignant and are central rather than lateral, and the original nodule hasn't really changed my gut is saying I never want to feel the way I felt again, regretting that I hadn't taken the opportunity to rid myself of cancer.
ButterflyMom was blunt (IMO) criticizing my original decision and I am here to say I perhaps you were right?
I am hopeful that losing my thyroid will actually help and not make things worse. I am currently in range with all thyroid bloodwork, take no meds but feel crappy often.
I feel deflated and sad and grateful and worried and unsure.
Being over 60 means I may never have a problem, yet being over 60 means if it does spread the prognosis is worse.
Oh well, there it is.

RE: Thyroid Surgery

by Swifty on Sun Oct 20, 2019 07:09 PM

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I meant Butterfly501

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