Green Tea Extract

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Green Tea Extract

by Rollieman on Wed Dec 11, 2019 06:24 PM

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Doctor James Belanger of the Lexinton National Health Center cited a human study with Green tea Extract on CLL patients which showed favorable reduction of 50% of both Leukimia cells and lympth node size. 

The dosage in the study was based on 1400 mg of EGCG taken twice per day. 

 The Green Tea Extact capsuls I have on hand ( Life Extension) are rated @ 725 mg with only 326 mg of EGCG. Accordingly to be consistant with the study I would have to take a total of 8-9 capsuls each day. 

 My question is this: am Iinterpreting this study correctly in terms of the EGCG requirement of 1400 mg X 2 --- or --- do you suppose he meant 1400 X 2 of Green Tea Extract capsuls which would be only require 4 capsuls per day ?

Thank you !  

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