mom - waiting for diagnose - HELP HELP HELP

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mom - waiting for diagnose - HELP HELP HELP

by mom1939 on Mon Apr 06, 2020 02:05 PM

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good morning

my name is reene and my mom has been stugglinf with back fractures for over a year now.she has had 6 fractures - 4 repaired and an epidural of steroids

Just recently she was sent to oncoligist which wanted to perform the bone marrow extract but due to the amount of pain my mom is in she was not able to lay on table long enough.

i have been reading everything possible - we have spent so much money on pain relieving products- cream - patches- tylenol- norco - fentnyl patch - now medical marijuana

I need help as i am struggling to her pain at a comfort level for her pain and i have no idea what to use so that i can get her in to finish the testing to get a positive diginois

from reading i am sure she had this along with oncoligist agrees but needs to confirm

until i can get her pain under control so she can complete the testing......


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