Fukoidan appears to be helping me.

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Fukoidan appears to be helping me.

by Dapper_John on Sat Aug 04, 2007 12:00 AM

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In May 2007 there were a number of moles on my back. A new mole had appeared on my right shoulder. There were also three areas of bright-pink skin with what appeared to be a gel-like substance (later proven to be Amyloid Plaque) beneath; the largest of these areas was almost crescent shaped and measured 15cm by 9cm. 

On May 24th I took delivery of a supply of a pleasant-tasting drink that contained Aloe Vera, Green Tea (non-caffeine), Russian Adaptogens, and Limu-Moui. One of the main ingredients of Limu-Moui is Fucoidan (AKA Fukoidan) of which there are many reports, viewed after a FUCOIDAN search on the www.pubmed.gov or www.pubmed.org website.

I immediately began to take the drink and over the next five weeks I noticed the large bright-pink area was steadily shrinking. 

On Monday 2nd July a biopsy was taken of the new mole on my right shoulder and of the large bright-pink area on my back that had now reduced to about 3cm diameter. X-rays were taken of my chest.

Two weeks later on the 16th July I was informed that the mole was a malignant melanoma. I immediately increased my dosage of the drink by a factor of eight! The pink area was diagnosed as being amyloid plaque, the substance associated with Alzeimers.

If any cancer cells disappear as the amyloid plaque appear to disappear then I shall be more than happy; I shall be ecstatic. 

I now feel quite confident that by taking the drink, my body and its immune system will be in the best possible condition to help fight any existing and any developing abnormal cells.

Soon I should be taking a CT scan.

I have been offered participation of a trial chemo-therapy course, no doubt with the usual unkind side-effects (unless luckily or unluckily I received a placebo), but I have declined in favour of the natural product containing  the Fukoidan plus many other fantastic ingredients; the only side-effects being improved health.

I can be contacted on

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