celiac disease and myeloma connection?

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RE: celiac disease and myeloma connection?

by Sky_Kim on Fri Oct 19, 2007 12:00 AM

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I am currently studying the myeloma and celiac disease connection and have been for about 3 years because doctors suspected celiac disease when I was a child, and I have since been diagnosed with a plethora of rare medical disorders.  Doctors suspected early myeloma or amyloidosis three years ago, and from there my mind has been thinking about the correlation between myeloma and celiac disease.

 Last month I saw the head of genetics at the Harvey Institute of Human Genetics in Baltimore, and we were discussing my case.  She wanted to know if there was anything else I had not brought up before.  I told her of my having chronic diarrhea as a child, and doctors telling my parents they thought I had either cystic fibrosis or celiac disease.  I have never been tested for either, by the way.

 I posted a longer version of my story today, so you might want to access it on the CancerCompass site.

 Anyway, the geneticist wanted me to write out my hypotheses relating to myeloma and celiac disease, and provide copies of articles showing a relationship as she wants to shop it around the NIH for further study.  She will be here in San Diego next week for the geneticists convention, so I am madly trying to put the hypotheses and supporting evidence together.  I appreciate your thoughts, and if you have any info to share I would appreciate it.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.  Keep up the good work.

 Sheila C.

RE: celiac disease and myeloma connection?

by Pirate_Gen on Fri Oct 19, 2007 12:00 AM

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Wow, it is hard not to get emotional when reading your response.  It is encouraging to know that my "gut" feeling is shared by others.  Sorry about that terrible pun :-)

I am really hopeful now that there is some momentum, however.  After witnessing first hand the destructive nature of MM, I had pledged to keep looking for the answer, although I have been told time and again that my theories were wrong.  I don't have a medical degree, but I am interested and willing to provide whatever support I can on this, even if it is only family history.  I have started a group on facebook to see if there are other family histories with cancer and gluten links.

By the way, my mother is also Irish, but the MM/gluten history is on my father's side (Germans that emigrated to Jamaica.  They were bakers in Germany, poor farmers as well in Jamaica). 

RE: celiac disease and myeloma connection?

by photog on Fri Oct 19, 2007 12:00 AM

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Wow. This gets more amazing each day. I'll be sure to pass along any information I have found or will find to you. Please post any additional findings to this forum too.

The very best.


RE: celiac disease and myeloma connection?

by roadrunner on Sat Oct 20, 2007 12:00 AM

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Sheila, What kind of test is done to check for elevated serum Amyloid Beta Protein?  I was told that a biopsy is required to check for Amyloidosis.

RE: celiac disease and myeloma connection?

by Sky_Kim on Sat Oct 20, 2007 12:00 AM

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On 10/20/2007 roadrunner wrote:

Sheila, What kind of test is done to check for elevated serum Amyloid Beta Protein?  I was told that a biopsy is required to check for Amyloidosis.


My hematologist team at UCI Medical School has been performing serum beta amyloid tests after abnormalities were noted in urine Bence-Jones urine tests.  My understanding is that the most reliable test for amyloidosis is a punch biopsy from the gut.  I have not had that test because I have bleeding and clotting diorders related to von Willebrand's Disease and Ehlers-Danlos.  My LDH marker is 10 times the norm, and various blood tests lean in the direction of early myeloma and or amyloidosis, but they have not been problematic enough to warrant a punch biopsy.  My blood tests have basically improved, and even my von Willebrand's titer has gone down to just out of range, but more normal than in the past after removing much of the gluten out of my diet.  Somehow I don't think it coincidental.

RE: celiac disease and myeloma connection?

by Pirate_Gen on Sun Oct 21, 2007 12:00 AM

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Antibodies contained in "M" component of some patients with multiple myeloma are directed to food antigens?
Leukemia Research, , Volume 30, Issue 12, December 2006, Pages 1585-1586
Zorica Juranic, Jelena Radic, Aleksandra Konic-Ristic, Svetislav Jelic, Biljana Mihaljevic and Irina Besu
Zorica Juranica, , , Jelena Radica, Aleksandra Konic-Ristica, Svetislav Jelica, Biljana Mihaljevicb and Irina Besua
aInstitute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
bSchool of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
Received 26 January 2006.  Available online 6 March 2006.


Multiple myeloma is malignant disease that is characterized in most patients, by the presence in the serum of monoclonal gamma globulins, which in agarose gel after electrophoresis appear as protein band of restricted mobility, “M” component.

The aim of this study was to determine are the antibodies contained in M-component directed to some antigen chronically present in the organism, to some of food antigens.

Seventeen patients with secretory plasmacytoma were included in the study: eight of them had IgG(kappa), three had IgG(lambda), and one had biclonal IgG(kappa) and IgA(kappa), while two had IgA(kappa), the other two IgA(lambda) and one IgM(lambda) as paraproteins. M-proteins were detected analyzing patients’ sera by agarose gel electrophoresis in 0.09 M barbital buffer. The each M-protein was confirmed by immunotyping (immunofixation) with corresponding antihuman antibodies directed to heavy or light chains of immunoglobulins. After the patients serum separation on agarose gel by electrophoresis, fresh 0.4% solution of crude gliadin (Sigma) in 1% SDS was put over the slides for immunoprecipitation.

Preliminary results showed the interaction of gliadin with patient's serum proteins present in the protein fraction of the same mobility as it was the mobility of the M-component, in 6 from 17 investigated sera.

These results are the first reporting that in sera of some patients with multiple myeloma antibodies from M-component could be directed to some of gliadin antigens.

As the serum antigliadin immunoreactivity is present in patients with gluten intolerance, celiac disease, it could be of importance to elucidate is the multiple myeloma more severe form of gluten intolerance than celiac disease.

Keywords: Multiple myeloma; Food intolerance; Coeliac disease; Antigliadin immunoreactivity; M-component; Plasmacytoma; Calreticulin

Corresponding author at: Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, Pasterova 14, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro. Tel.: +381 112067290.

Leukemia Research
Volume 30, Issue 12, December 2006, Pages 1585-1586


This is something I came across - you can access the full article through sciencedirect.com...

RE: celiac disease and myeloma connection?

by Casamagorical on Tue Oct 23, 2007 12:00 AM

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i am so amazed at what I  am reading.... gluten intolerance related to MM!! I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma two and a half years ago. My results were not good and I was told I needed immediate treatment. I refused because the diagnosis gave me an answer to the many health problems I had been having over the previous five years, such as peritonitis and fungal infections etc. I wanted to help myself first and get nutritionally fit! I changed my diet and lifestyle and now my results are a lot better, my consultant thinks it is a miracle!!( I can send my programme to anyone who is interested). One of the things I have cut out of my diet is sweet foods... biscuits, cakes and white bread.... all containing gluten!  I still have pasta and wholemeal bread.. I am going to cut these out too and see if that improves my condition. I am very excited, thank you. I should add I also have amyloidosis,  I have many of the symptoms, but my consultant says this is nothing to do with MM, although there is so much research to show they can be related... and my GP ( family doctor) says what good would a positive diagnosis do!!! I have found many CAM remedies for this which have helped amazingly. Also although i have worked hard to understand my illness and treat it my consultant refuses to talk about my programme because it isn't conventional medicine!!! she prefers to call my improved condition a miracle!! I am looking forward to discussing the probable link between MM and gluten intolerance!!

RE: celiac disease and myeloma connection?

by greatnortheast on Sat Nov 03, 2007 12:00 AM

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My mother has had MM for 6 years now. I have just self-diagnosed myself with a wheat/gluten allergy. Since May I was having oral allergic reactions each day and it got progressively worse. I got out of denial and realized I should take wheat out of my diet (all I live on is bread and pasta). As soon as I did that, I did not have any reactions. I am now gluten-free and am getting tested for Celiac's disease in December. There are other lymphoma cancers in my family on my mother's side. I am pretty scared now that there could be a connection to Celiac's and MM. Although, this would make a lot of sense. So I am glad there is all this information on here.

RE: celiac disease and myeloma connection?

by Clare456 on Wed Nov 07, 2007 12:00 AM

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Hi there, Prior to my MGUS diagnosis in 1986 I suffered bowel problems for several years. At diagnosis I was convinced that the two were linked but no-one would listen, so I put my theory to the back of my mind. Even as a lay person I was aware that the immune system could react to certain foods, but the only literature I could find referred to IgE and didnt mention the other Immunoglobulins.

I am stunned to now read that MM and Lymphoma may be connected to Celiac disease and thus gluten intolerance. As I have now been diagnosed with IBS - and really I have had this for about 25 years - I am convinced that I have a food intolerance (gluten!) and that there is a connection between this and my elevated IgG.

What you have posted is just so interesting. We know nothing about this connection in the UK.


RE: celiac disease and myeloma connection?

by momkaren on Wed Nov 07, 2007 12:00 AM

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I am interested in learning more about your programme that you follow. I too have struggled with what I have believed are fungal infections (and many food intollerances) the last 3 years. These infections responded slowly but eventually well to a major change in my diet and use of antifungal supplements. A continued low white blood cell count eventually had my doctor refer me to a hematologist who did a bone marrow biopsy and I was diagnosis with Multiple Myeloma this last summer. Further testing shows however that currently my bones have no lessions, so I continue on taking care of myself on many levels in as natural ways as possible. A recent upper GI test shows moderately severe gastritis in my stomach. I'm waiting to learn more from this and other tests. Any words of advise are greatly appreciated. Wow, my oncologist told me that my food intollerances were not realated to MM. Go figure. Thank you for any help.
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