radiation dosage

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radiation dosage

by characterboy123 on Sat Jul 19, 2008 12:00 AM

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hi guys, i'm 20 considered a hodgkins survivor, finishing radiation therapy did 6 cycls  of abvd, my radiologist scheduled me for 30.6gr radiation and based on my own research and clinical studies i've looked at they recomment 20gr nowadays

i had stage 2B hodgkins

i kept asking to lower the dosage to minimize later side effects but she insist that its wrong,

my ques: based on experiences from all the survivors here, how much radiation have you guys recieved? the mediastinal mass i had was 10cm, but it all went away after 3 cycles of abvd based on the pet scan results

please if anyone can help, this coming week is my last 8 sessions of radiation, last 10 gr left, i am confused and scared !!!!!!

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