88 year old mom is in pain

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by dllfb on Tue Sep 30, 2008 12:00 AM

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My loving mom was diagnosed with gallblader cancer and liver mets at the end of August.  She has never been one to take meds.  However now she needs them and I am getting very discouraged with the drs.  Up to last week she was up and walking around...up to this point she was taking two Advils every 4 hours.  But as of last Wed.  the pain started getting worse and the Dr. prescribed Hydromorph 1 mg - one every 4 hours.  Well, ever since...she has been sleeping constantly and when she gets up or sits up she feels pain still.  We had been waiting for an oncologist appointment for one month.  We went yesterday and when the oncologist saw her he said she was too week for chemo....I tried to explain that this all started when the family dr. prescribed this drug...but he said it was a standard drug and said she was ready for palliative care.  He wanted to admit her there and then.  My mom was given tylenol with codeine when she had her biopsy and that made her throw up.  Then she was given oxicontin with tylenol and that did the same...and then she was given the patch 25 mgs. but it didn't do anything.....and that's why she stuck with the advil.  The oncologist threw up his hands and said that the Hydromorph was the standard medication..."take the pain or the sleeping" were his exact words....I'm getting more and more discouraged with the drs.  It seems that when they know my mom's age...they put her off.  I'd like to know if they'd do that if it was their own mother????  What happened to the quality of life that everyong mentions??   This is not quality....Anyway...I'm sorry for rambling on and on...but this is awful and I'm feeling so stressed.  Anyway...I'd greatly appreciate if you can let me know if all pain meds cause drowsiness/sleeping in the elderly???  Can anyone please give me the names of some other pain medications that she might try?   Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!!Thanks so much.

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