Post- Whipple Symptoms

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Post- Whipple Symptoms

by kbb10 on Tue Feb 24, 2009 12:00 AM

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Hello Everyone,

 My mother was diagnosed with ampullary cancer and underwent the Whipple procedure 2/11/09. She had a wonderful recovery in the hospital, walking multiple laps around the unit, and was able to stomach her first full regular meal without issues. She was discharged home after a 7 day hospital stay.

 Once we got home, things went downhill fast. She is now unable to stomach any type of food and says that when she eats it "won't go down" and she feels very bloated like her stomach is going to "explode". She feels nauseous and sometimes breaks out into a cold sweat. At our post-op clinic visit, the MD told us that these are normal symptoms and that my mother just needed to find the strength to eat. We started her on Protonix and Reglan to aid with her digestion and acid production. She's lost 10 lbs since surgery and the doctor said that if she is not able to eat an adequate amount of food over the next 3 days she will need to have a feeding tube placed.

 Are these typical symptoms? I knew that my mom would like have difficulty eating but she just CAN'T eat.. anything.. I tried everything, small meals, supplement drinks, bland diets, everything. Any advice would be appreciated.

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