cyberknife vd radiofrequency ablation

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cyberknife vd radiofrequency ablation

by rainyday1 on Thu Mar 05, 2009 12:00 AM

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I've been fighting   metastatic colon cancer(Stage 4) since  2004..had 3 surgeries so far...colon(April2004) , segment 7 of liver(June2007)  and my right adrenal gland(May2008)and lots of chemo at various points  so far.....Apparently I have 2  small tumors growing in my right lung...when the tumors get large enough mention has been made of doing"radiofrequency ablation".....I don't know much about it, but sounds simple enough if you know what you are doing.......a couple( 2) of questions..

How do you find out which Doctor/Hospital are the best for this procedure?

What is the difference between Radiofrequency ablation and cyberknife?

Thank you for any available information...Mac

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