anyone cured cancer by raising ph level?

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RE: anyone cured cancer by raising ph level?

by 4Times on Sun Nov 08, 2009 07:36 PM

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On Sep 03, 2009 12:00 AM vernie_01 wrote:

hi there, my husband has metastic oropharangeal cancer and is considered terminal and we recently saw a naturepath who recomended the raw food diet and stressed the importance of adjusting the ph in the body, so we purchased a water filter that changes our water from acid to alkaline and drink 8-10 glasses per day, we also drink a green drink each morning that contains fruits, green vegetables, spirulina, chlorella and wheatgrass. we also eat 90% alkaline and 10% acid and for the past several days my husband and I are both in the 7.5 range. I feel the green drink might be the one element that has helped the most. I am thankfull to say that my husband feels well and has energy. If healthy eating and eliminating processed foods helps heal the body then I say do it with conviction as we never give up...

Take care

How has these changes to the raw food diet, etc. worked out for you?  I am in an similar situation.

RE: anyone cured cancer by raising ph level?

by rawveggies on Mon Nov 09, 2009 02:13 AM

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A year ago, I was diagnosised Sarcodosis in my lungs with 40% lung usage and my mom was diagnosised with stage IV colon cancer metastasis to her stomach. Both diagnosis came within 30days of each other. Some news, Sarcodosis is an auto immune disease no cure, and my mom was told to just enjoy herself. That was a year ago, with research and nothing to lose I started researching both diseases. 

My mom started her chemo after surgery and I started my steroids. Many after effects, I can go on and on about that. The body itself can endure a lot before exhaustion; thats when you realize that you have a problem. The funny thing is I felt fine before I became ill and my mom, or so we thought.

 My research produced a wealth of information on herbal medicines, veggies, and fruits. Primary research; Physicians 2008 desk reference for herbal medicine and Internet. the physicians reference provided clinical studies and the property compound of plants, veggies, and fruit. I started on raw veggie and fruits(organic) plus bottled water, so did my mom. Removing the acidic level in your body and raising the ph level will help your internal organs. Using veggies and fruits to raise my ph levels, increase enzymes and a blender to puree foods (for faster nutrients absorbsion when digested). These are ways that I keep my disease in remission and maintain energy.

My mom has used the same technique different diet (determined by disease) and she has seen her Cancer count drop from high double digits to single digits in about eight months. For instance, using the herbal clinical studies in the Physicians Reference book my moms diet focused on foods that were proven to reduce Cancer. Like lycopene, which is proven to (reduce) cancer levels and is plentiful in red tomatoes and others. But, we try and stick with the super foods organic grown or friends gardens (higher nutrients). Her diet (raw veggies maybe a little stem;more nutrients)has been a supplement to her treatments. My moms ongoing test have come back clear and the side effect from her treatments are minimal plus she has plenty of energy.

Treatment is a personal choice, not to mention difficult when your options aren't that great. Sometimes hard decisions require a step of faith.  Praying for you  

RE: anyone cured cancer by raising ph level?

by kaycee84 on Tue May 11, 2010 10:36 PM

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On Mar 20, 2009 12:00 AM Heatha wrote:

Hello there.....

And Hi to you too - Ray :)

 I've used Zeolite, but not taking it at the moment.

But ....I haven't tested my ph.

My daughter tests her ph.. And she is my one and only researcher for my cancer issue. She believes Spirulina - is an excellent alkaliniser.  She herself -  also does the lemon water regime - for alkalinising even though some people poo-pah it as being - acidic. 

 Just sharing.......



I can confirm that by the time alot of foods that seem acidic are digested they convert to alkaline foods, It maybe that the foods you are eating are converting the other way. They also advise a small detox for 48 hours to be carried out prior to following the alkaline diet to give your body the chance to rid itself of the acidic and toxic bumf that's hindering you from becoming ph neutral. Hope this helps.

the diet is listed at

RE: anyone cured cancer by raising ph level?

by rogerworldie on Sat May 22, 2010 06:07 PM

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I may be incorrect and you can ask your onc but mine says the PH of the blood can be raised but not the PH of the organs because these organs which are many times part of cancers other then Hematological cancers (Blood cancers) must remain in a specific PH level if not serious illness would occur. 

If curing cancer was possible in boosting PH levels it would be well known by the professional community and used extensively.



RE: anyone cured cancer by raising ph level?

by MiaNony on Sun Jun 13, 2010 08:35 AM

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First of all stop using your urine as the way to test for alkalinity, it will always be acidic, and 6.5 is a normal read! that is urine's purpose. Instead, brush your teeth, rinse your mouth thoroughly then test using your saliva under your tongue.

Don't give up on baking soda though. Immerse yourself full in baking soda and epsom salt baths, which are wonderful and so relaxing, the epsom takes out the acid and the baking soda puts in the alkalinity, be generous with the amounts you use; 80% alkaline content in diet to 20% acid content: google the food lists for which foods are acid or akaline. Cancer hates alkalinity, loves sugar and will make you crave it to keep the cancer alive, cancer hates oxygen, so deep breath often and regularly, cancer hates mega green tea capsules and hates vitaminD at least 3000 to 5000 mgm a day, & sit in the sun for ten minutes to get 10,000 units of harm free D.

Blend many fine organic greens like chard, NZ spinach, parsley, and maybe an avocado, plus blueberries first choice, blackberries 2nd choice, also a banana, maybe an apple, an orange & filtered water. Drink this every single day, if you are after getting alkaline. 

RE: anyone cured cancer by raising ph level?

by beschoice on Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:43 PM

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To raise the body ph level above 6.5 go to a Walgreen store and buy a bottle of "Iceland Pure Spring Water" which has a pH8.88 and drink a few glasses a day...It has raised my pH6 to pH7_8..go to Google and get a list of ALKALINE FOODS TO RAISE body bH....That should do the trick to get some results.

RE: anyone cured cancer by raising ph level?

by rzv1976 on Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:14 PM

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hello,i would try to see the video on internet from vito vern about baking soda mollasses.good luck

RE: anyone cured cancer by raising ph level?

by beemidwife on Sun Aug 05, 2012 04:09 AM

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As a midwife I do urine tests all the time. I can confirm that 6 and 6.5 are the most common readings, but you can get higher or lower results from testing urine. I have been trying to get consistantly 7 or above and also find it hard. The pee after a green smoothie is as much as 7.5, but the rest of the day I am around 6.25.

I have noticed that some lists of alkaline foods include fruits while some do not. Opinions? Also, how do you guage the % of foods you eat, serving for serving? cup for cup? weight?

One more thing. One list I have says sprouted grain breads are still alkaline since they are made from sprouts not flour. It is called Ezekial Bread and is found in the freezer section. Some stores carry their tortillas, hamburger and hot dog buns (not that you are eating meat if trying to be alkaline).

Okay there is actually another thing. My meds give me sore throat, sore tongue etc. These can be symptoms of acid system. I wonder if the medication makes my body acid?

RE: anyone cured cancer by raising ph level?

by ncmbookout on Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:04 PM

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On Mar 17, 2009 12:00 AM shariv wrote:

I have been trying to raise my ph level. I have used 3 different ph strips, but it started out at 5.5 or so. Now it's around 6.5. I would like to get it to 7.0 at least, but nothing is working. I've tried buffer ph, alkalife drops in water, baking soda in water, and eating 90% alkaline foods. I know of the dr who cured her breast cancer. But is there anyone else out there, normal people like me, that have raised their ph and the cancer went away? Is there anyone that raised their ph to 7.0 and if so, how did you do it?

I'm wondering if coral calcium will help. Or zeolite. Please let me know if you have experience with or know someone who used these products and it helped. Thank you! 


I am a molecular, cellular and developmental biologist, so forgive the nerdy, wordy message which follows, but this is one of my passions, and I love to discuss it:

The best product I have ever found for a rapid and safe way of raising your body's pH is a product called "pHenonemal Water". 

I found it online at: while seeking a cure for a MRSA staph infection and noticed that they also reported success for treating acne rosacea, diabetes, cancer, the list goes on and on for all kinds of maladies relating to being too acidic. 

The reason it works so much faster than just drinking alkaline water and trying to keep an alkaline environment in one's body by having the diet be alkaline, is that it removes Hydrogen from your body, thereby lowering your "percentage Hydrogen", which is what "pH" stands for on an inverse scale.  A "high pH" number is actually a lower percentage of Hydrogen.

pHenominal water is made from regular water which has been zapped with a strong electrical current that throws off one hydrogen from a third of the water molecules and makes every three water molecules suddenly bond together, with one of the three being the one water molecule missing a Hydrogen.  So, instead of H2O, the resulting molecule is H5O3.  You mix a small amount of this modified water with regular distilled water, 1 part H5O3 to 32 parts H2O, and drink it.  The H5O3s wants to become H2O again and it seeks a Hydrogen.  It cannot obtain any Hydrogens from the regular water around it because regular water has too strong a bond to it's own Hydrogen, water is very stable.  The H5O3 seeks a weaker, unstable type of Hydrogen, and when it finds an available one in your body, and you'll have an abundant amount of them if you're acidic, it takes one and turns back into three regular water molecules. 

To get your pH higher, you need to get rid of Hydrogen, It is what creates acidity.  It is the "hy" in "carbohydrate". 

Baking soda cannot take Hydrogen away from other molecules, but it is benefial also, not only because it does create a more alkaline enviroment, it plays a different beneficial role, so I consume it as well, because the bicarbonate is antimicrobial, and kills the organisms of fungi, bacteria and viruses as shown in some recent studies published and linked-to on the Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic websites.

Alkaline water is wonderful also, but it cannot physically remove Hydrogen, the best it can do is just create a more alkaline environment in general, which is great, and it seems more refreshing, but it doesn't do the rapid deployment needed for winning the war quickly, which is what we need for removing cancer's ability to rapidly take over.

I drank pHenominal water for several years (and still drink it) with good results contolling the MRSA infection and acne rosacea when it suddenly started helping my weight loss efforts, dramatically!  I went from a size 24 to a size 8 in a little less than a year, eating regularly.  Most of the bad body fat we have is "saturated fat", being saturated with Hydrogen. Dietary fats saturated with Hydrogen are the really tempting ones such as butter, cream, and animal fats.  Being overweight causes the body to be to acidic, because all that fat is saturated with Hydrogen.

Once the pHenominal water has removed excess Hydrogen from whatever it comes into contact with first, being your mouth, esophogus, intestinal tract, then it starts seeking Hydrogen from deeper and deeper in your body and eventually gets to the fat, starts stripping the Hydrogen away, and, voila! You shrink! The length of time that it takes for this to happen varies in different people.  For me, it took a couple of years drinking the water before the fat removal suddenly started happening.

There are two types of Hydrogen bonds: Covalent and Van der Wals (pronounced "Van der Vals", after the man who made the discovery known). If you ever noticed in those diagrams in the little printouts which come with some medicines, the diagrams showing either one or two lines to the "H"s are depicting one of those two types of bonds,  The double lines are the strong bonds, Covalent, and the single line represent the weak bonds, Van der Wals.  The strong bonds, Covalent, cannot easily be broken, they are pretty stable, these are the bonds which bind Hydrogen to Oxygen, such as in water, H2O, a very stable molecule.  Fortunately, the bonds which tie Hydrogen to Carbon, such as in food carbohydrates and saturated fats are much less stable and the Hydrogens can easily attracted away by the H5O3 molecule of pHenominal.

During these past few years of drinking pHenomenal water, I have been studying the causes and effects of acidity, which is very simply the consumption of too many fats and refined carbohydrates, period.  Body acidity lowers blood oxygen and starts the whole scenario for cancer development.

Since the by-product is regular water, there is no unusual toxicity, such as one would have with a medication, you just eliminate it, and your excess Hyrogen out normally by urination.  It does cause an increase in the frequency of urination, but nothing that is too difficult to deal with: wait to drink it until after you sleep, or after long drive, or after running errands, etc, just use common sense.

RE: anyone cured cancer by raising ph level?

by Lespauldude on Wed Mar 13, 2013 01:35 PM

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It's all about the blood PH. See the following:

This should explain how the body regulates PH.  


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