pancreaticogastrostomy & pain

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pancreaticogastrostomy & pain

by dogfanatic on Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:00 AM

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2 wks ago I had a middle pancreatectomy, with the end of the pancr put into the stomach.  I was so lucky; no intestine cut.  Really am grateful for that.  However, the Pain was severe, and not really medicated. Despite "high" med levels now (home on day 8), have lots of radiating epigastric pain (feels like suctioning lampray attached inside the stomach, just under esophagus, and also on the left, where they stuck that end), sharp spasm like pains, and hard to breathe.  It is very hard to eat, and the pain has gotten worse the last two days. 

Is this to be expected?  The pain ranges from 4 - 8 and occ.9 (10 is on the floor, drooling), with a few hours a day (total) with mere distracting discomfort (Thanks Be).

  If I need to "suck it up", I will stop complaining (hey, am a "dog person"!) and will just keep on workin'.  Maybe the meds (opiod derivative) make it worse??? (someone thought it may cause spasms, but rarely).  They did do lots of work on "large amount of blood vessels behind the stomach", but they never implied the significance. 

Any thoughts appreciated, also in how long I should expect to have pain after eating (sm.meals, non fat, low fiber & protein).  They said to expect recovery at a rate that now seems absurd (like they were "selling" the procedure... weird).     Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A Scared,  Denise


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