How long can you live after a whipple??

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RE: How long can you live after a whipple??

by Anadabijou on Fri Sep 14, 2018 01:10 PM

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Every response to Whipple is different. I had two Whipples. Your diet is crucial post-op. I drank lot of Kefir probiotics and lots of Sea Buckthorn oil. Ate light for months, soups, sandwiches. They took my gall-bladder, 1/3 of Pancreas (head)1/3 of stomach, 1/3 of upper & lower intestine rebuilt my colon and all of the attendant plumbing as well.. removed all of the lymph nodes around the abdomen. I was using a snowblower a couple of months later, (had surgery in Dec.). You may find through experimentation what works for you.. I had to cut down on meats, chicken and fish were ok, but because I had lost so many digestive enzymes after removal of the head of the pancreas I now have to take Creon and I supplement with Papaya enzymes, amilase & bromelain. During my convelescence I took Hemp oil, cbd tincture, Pot brownies and cbd oil. I also took Ojibwa Medicine which is the generic form of Essiac tea. I aslo smoked pot for appetite & sleep purposes. If you experience cramping post -op, I found that Activated Charcoal from burned coconut shells works well to rid the intestines of post op gases , wind, and severe cramps. I'm currently in my 4th year survival and 3 months. Oncologist says 8 more months and she is going to call it remission! I am 67 years old, and am feeling better than I ever have. If you have issues with weight loss, be grateful. I called it unplanned fasting, which is good for a person- keeps us humble & grateful and focused on the Goodness of this World. Besides, fasting increases the length of our telomeres ! Always a good thing, without meaning to proselitize I say pray, be grateful and prioritize your life. You will be surprised at what we dont need in this Life in order to be happy and content. I wish all of you Peace, Joy and contentment.

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