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RE: Burning tongue

by Suzfitz on Thu Apr 03, 2014 05:08 PM

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On May 15, 2010 11:57 PM PopPop wrote:


        As Dave mentioned, sounds like a tough one for sure. But, I am going to throw out some thoughts for you to kick around. Sometimes we over look some of the simple things that can cause one problem that leads into other problems. So, I am typing out loud : )

        You mentioned that you do pretty good during the day, just by sipping water. So, I ask you if you might have a dry climate in your room at night. Do you have a small humidifier that you can set up in your bedroom while you sleep? Are you hydrated enough ? We should drink about 64 ozs. of water a day.

        Do you rinse and gargle before you go to sleep with a non-alcohol mouthwash such as Biotene mouthwash ?  Do you use Flouride trays? if so, do you use them in the morning or at night? I find that if I use them at night, my mouth seems to stay moist, longer during the night. When brushing your teeth, do you brush your tongue as well to get the food off of your tongue ?

         You could be breathing through your mouth only, during sleep. When I do this, I put a small amount of Vicks Vapor rub along the top part of my top lip, a mustache of sorts. It clears my nose out and I can breath better.

         Like I mentioned, just tossing out some thoughts. Maybe some of the others will toss out a few more thoughts that I have over looked.

         My Best to You and Everyone Here


My partner has Tonsil cancer and one of her first symptoms was a burning tongue, in addition to a hard lymph node and her teeth felt "tight". The burning tongue has gone on for 8 months and she just finished chemoradiotiuion last week and it persists, at times it is quite severe. After trying many mouth products she was prescribed neurontin which is for nerve pain. It does not eliminate it completely but it helps considerably. Good luck to you.

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