Can't Eat, Everything Tastes Bad, Feels Sick

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Can't Eat, Everything Tastes Bad, Feels Sick

by Tessa on Sat Mar 18, 2006 12:00 AM

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Hi All I am looking for answers for my father. A year ago he found out he had lung cancer, he under went chemo and radiation things looked good. Then a brain tumor was found, he had it removed and under went radiation again. It has now been three months since that dose of radiation and he still isn't eating much, nothing tastes good, he doesn't feel hungery and when he tries to force himself to eat he is almost sick to his stomach. The doctors are stumped and all blame the radiation one has now said maybe he suffered brain damage and therefore its not sending the message that he wants to eat? He also has a really bad (BM) taste in his mouth. Six weeks ago he had the damaged lung removed and other than being tried he is doing really well and the post-op test say he no longer has any cancer, however is hard to be happy when he can't eat. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Stomach Problems.

by Hq465 on Wed Aug 09, 2006 12:00 AM

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I don't know if this will help but in 2001 I underwent 7 weeks of hyperfractioned radiation for a brain stem tumor. When I was done I had a severe case of nausea & was unable to eat anything. I told my oncologist about this & was prescribed compezine. I took compezine for a while & it helped but I found that it was only masking the problem. I then went to my family docter & was diagnosed with gastritis. I was prescribed a drug called "aciphex". I was told that gastritis could have been caused from a number of things. The radiation treatment, steroids, & just the overall stress & worry that goes along with cancer diagnosis & treatment. I will say that after a month, I was able to stop taking any pills & am able to eat normally now. I had gained 50 pounds from the steroids & lost it all due to the nausea & vomiting. Note: When I got down to my original body weight, from not eating, I decided to go & see my family doctor. Hope this helps.

RE: Stomach Problems.

by informative on Tue Feb 02, 2010 06:18 PM

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This is also common with people sick with viral flus and the extreme elderly as the near death tend to wind down and shut down.  It is obviously nonetheless important to keep our weight up as we age so as to not waste away and the best way is to avoid all processed foods.  You know the kind that cause cancer in the first place because the body knows what it doesn't want and what the body craves tastes good.

Try natural peanut butter - a pound of spanish peanuts tossed in a blender with a couple tablespoons of flac and/or virgin coconut oil (can be found at health shops like Sprouts or Whole Foods Markets).  Figure out how to safely get them swirling around for a couple of minutes and you will never eat store bought PB again.  make a PB sandwich with this if you can figure out which bread he will eat usually the whole grain expensive breads are still acceptable one made with living sprouts and kept in a freezer.  I have plum trees on my property and once a year harvest them and make everything from pies to meat basting glazes to jams which go on my PB sandwiches.  Relearning to make natural foods is something the processed food eating people of the world are all finding out is a crucial life skill.  

If you try many types of apples and find some are not liked use those to make homemade apple butter.  Its easier than you think.

Get a fresh juicer like the Jack Lalanes.  Find out which Apples they like best (granny smiths are really good juiced) and if that seems too sweet make the juice into homemade apple cider - look online for directions.  Usually involvemaking a couple quarts of fresh apple juice and leaving it out for a few days loosely sealed to avoid contaminants getting IN while letting pressure escape so it doesn't become carbonated.  The minor early fermentation knocks the sweetness out but keeps all the goodness in and I've been told our homemade cider is the highlight of our family thanksgiving since we started bringing it.  The quick cheap lazy mans alternative is to just get store bought 100% juice like Juicy Juice.  

Use the juicer to make fresh orange or carrot juice too.  Each is like a body repairing meal.

Avacados are an awesome health food that most people with tastes issues can still stomach.  Lightly ripe with a tiny sprinkle of natural unrefined sea salt.  Don't let people tell you all salt is bad.  It is needed for the body to create digestive acid.

Kefir can be excellent for repairing and digestive issues.

Detox diets and sometimes vitamins can also help - such as selenium in small amounts which helps draw toxins out of the body which anti-oxidants cannot always handle all toxins.  Do not go on detox diets long term.  Things like selenium are themselves unhealthy if over-consumed.

Antioxidants to consider adding daily - Alpha Lipoic Acid, COQ10, Vitamin C.

Remember, eating less is not usually bad.  Most people eat far too much and often times things tasting bad is just the bodies way of asking you to eat less and eat better!

Good luck and best wishes for a long healthy life.

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