Solvestrols at work

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RE: Solvestrols at work

by gerrypotter on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:28 PM

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From WaterlooDonon Fri Feb 10, 2012 03:11 PM

First of all thanks for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to educate me. I have decided to begin Salvestrol Therapy ASAP. I will call Acquired Intelligence Inc. today to place my order. Are there enabling supplements that will work synergistically with Salvestrol Platinum ?

My plan is to use the Navvaro Clinic Urine Test to establish a baseline and then to retest after a period of SP use to measure progress. I will also have my PSA tested once in a while. Does this make sense to you. I am fortunate to be able to work closely with an MD who practices complimentary medicine.

Warmest regards,

Don C Waterloo Ontario Canada

RE: Solvestrols at work

by gerrypotter on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:51 PM

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Dear Don, here are the responses to your questions.

For maximum effect the salvestrol supplements are taken 3 times a day with meals. It is advised to take the capsules just after a meal for best absorption.

In USA/Canada Salvestrol Platinum contains 1000 points.

In UK/Europe Salvestrol Platinum contains 2000 points


USA/Canada: Take 2 capsules of salvestrol platinum 3 times daily

UK/Europe: Take 1 capsule of salvestrol platinum 3 times daily

It is wise to carry on with PSA monitoring whilst you are on Salvetrol therapy. However do not be surprised if the PSA initally increases in the first month before eventually going down. PSA is an indirect marker of the cancer and often increase initially with any treatment of prostate cancer.


RE: Solvestrols at work

by gerrypotter on Sat Feb 11, 2012 01:07 PM

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Don asked the question "Are there enabling supplements that will work synergistically with Salvestrol Platinum ?"

The answer is yes, and these are




Biotin increases the expression levels of the beta salvestrol activase enzyme CYP1B1. Niacin and Magnesium are co-factors needed by the P450 reductase which enables the salvestrol activase to work efficiently.

Biotin is only needed in very small amounts typically 10 ug.

Niacin is available in multivitamin tablets, so a good multivitamin may provide all the co-factors needed.

Having said this I know of people who have recovered from cancer just by taking the salvestrol supplements without needing any other supplements.

Salvestrol and Prostate Cancer

by gleason10 on Sun Feb 12, 2012 04:21 PM

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It's nice to see you participating in the Cancer Compass blog.  As you can tell from my username, I was diagnosed with high-grade (gleason 10) prostate cancer with mets to L5 vertabrae 3-1/2 years ago.  I have been on Lupron and Casodex.  I reached 0.5 nadir and it held steady for about 2-1/2 years.  My PSA has been climbing for the past year...very slowly at about 0.1/month.  Although the PSA value is still low, I understand that high-grade cancers don't produce much PSA. 

I also see a very reputable naturopathic oncologist, Dan Rubin, where I receive I/V vitamin C plus a few other supplements via capsules.

My medical oncologist is recommending abiraterone as the next drug after the Lupron and Casodex stopped working.

I heard about Salvestrol about 6 months ago and took the product for about 4 months.  I started with (5) 1000-point capsules/day, but my PSA continued to climb.  Through emails with Acquired Intelligence, I was instructed to double the dosage to (10) 1000-point capsules/day.  Had a PSA test one month later and the PSA still increased...up 0.1, just like before.  I haven't added Biotin to my protocol, but the other supplements are covered by a multi-vitamin.  I also see a very reputable naturapathic oncologist, Dan Rubin, where I receive I/V vitamin C plus a few other supplements via capsules.

I read recently on this blog that sometimes it could take up to a year for the Salvestrol to work completely...maybe I was over-optimistic about the effect of Salvestrol and probably too impatient after reading the Case Studies using Salvestrol.

Given my high grade of cancer, do you think Salvestrol will work for me and if so, when should I see a response (PSA?)? 

Thanks, Ray

RE: Salvestrol and Prostate Cancer

by gerrypotter on Sun Feb 12, 2012 05:20 PM

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Dear Ray, thanks for your message.

There seems to be 2 types of responders to salvestrol therapy, fast responders and slow responders. The fast responders typically see their tumours shrink to half their size within 1 months are are all clear by 3 months. The slow responders may not show signs of response until after several months and may need a year before real signs of improvements are seen.

The PSA levels can be misleading since the PSA is an indirect marker of prostate cancer. Basically it measures the cellular debris from the prostate cancer cells in the bloodstream. However, when undergoing therapy for prostate cancer the PSA will go up before it comes down. This is because the dead tumour cells debris enters the bloodstream as the tumour is dying. So the more prostate tumours dying the more cellular dbris enters the bloodstream so the more the PSA increases. Only after several months will the PSA then start to decline as less tumours are being destroyed.

The salvestrols should be effective at a dose of 2 capsules of Salvestrol Platinum (1000 point) capsules, 3 times daily, taken shortly after meals. For optimum absorption it is best to take these just after youve eaten. The dose can be increased to 4 capsules, 3 times daily, for maximum effect.

I am pleased to hear your medical oncologist is recommending abiraterone. Have a look at my discussions on the new prostate cancer infolink about the optimum dose of abiraterone by searching on "Abiraterone Dose". Just think you could be the first person to be on Abiraterone and Salvestrols. This would be a very interesting approach since you would be attacking the cancer from 2 different andles both of which are synergistic, so good luck with this, Gerry 

RE: Salvestrol and Prostate Cancer

by gerrypotter on Sun Feb 12, 2012 07:53 PM

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Dear Gerry:

Could the use of Vit. C IV`S be interfering with the efficacy of Salvestrol Therapy in that that the purpose as explained by my MD if for the Vit. C to form a collagen over/around the pc cells to stop them from spreading. Maybe the collagen gets inthe way ? Please note that Ray gets IV therapy as do I. My MD told me that Vit. C does not do a good job of killing pc cells but rather stops them from spreading. My MD is not overly concerned with my PSA score. He is supportive of my using the urine test utilized by the N a v v a r o Clinic. This could account for your observations re slow and fast responders as there must be other products such as resveratol and modified citrus pectin that reduce the efficacy of Salvestrol ?? I look forward to your thoughts.

Here the Reply:

Vitamin C does not interfere with salvestrol therapy. Indeed the two approaches are complimentary. The use of high dose vitamin C with salvestrols is being succesfully used in the Issels Clinic in California.

RE: Salvestrol and Prostate Cancer

by gerrypotter on Mon Feb 13, 2012 05:30 PM

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I'm doctors tell me that a rising PSA is a bad thing (indicating tumor growth).  The Lupron/Casodex lowered my PSA significantly (from 15 to 0.5), which I thought was a good thing.  I've tried to research PSA and cellular debris on the web only to find the information way too complicated for me to understand.

Regardless, I'm going to give Salvestrols another chance and not be so anxious to see results within a few weeks (perhaps a slow-responder). 

I have one issue that needs clarification: I've been a smoker for 50 years (no lung or other related issues). I stopped smoking when I tried doubling the Salvestrol a few months ago and nearly went out of my mind.  Since the PSA didn't decrease, I figured the Salvestrol was not working, the prostate cancer was going to kill me anyway, and I went back to smoking. How much of an inhibitor is carbon monoxide (per the Salvestrol website) to the Salvestrol therapy? I'm willing to give up cigarettes again if you feel it makes a difference. 

We cancer patients will grab for anything that seems promising since we know that conventional drug treatments don't cure anything...only postpones the inevitable.  When I discovered the existence of Salvestrol and the person (you) behind Salvestrol, I was very excited at the possibilities.  It seems I need to temper my enthusiasm and allow Salvestrols to know us Americans, we need instant gratification. 

I really appreciate your participation in this blog and for providing us with valuable information.  I hope many other people find this discussion and give Salvestrols a chance.

Thanks, Ray

RE: Salvestrol and Prostate Cancer

by gerrypotter on Mon Feb 13, 2012 05:43 PM

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Dear Ray, let me try and clarify the PSA issue. As prostate cancer develops the PSA rises, as there is more debris from the tumours entering the bloodstream. When you undergo therapy for prostate cancer this PSA can increase initially due to more cellular debris entering the bloodstream as the tumours die. After a while the PSA will then decrease. This decrease should be presistant and gradual.

I've started a blog on Salvestrols Against Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer so perhaps we should keep all the relevant discussions there. I think you do need to be patient with salvestrols, since the progress can sometimes be slow but sure.

I'm also a smoker so dont worry about it and enjoy it like I do. Smoking is only really of concern with lung cancer since it is the lungs that are exposed to carbon monoxide. The rest of the body is never exposed to carbon monoxide, so smoking will not effect the efficacy against prostate cancer.

RE: Salvestrol and Prostate Cancer

by Slartibartfast on Tue Feb 28, 2012 07:56 PM

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Hi Gerry.

I'm really confused about the value of Salvestrols. On the "Underground Health Reporter" website, in an article on salvestrols, is the following:

Should You Take Salvestrols in Supplement Form? Not So Fast.According to our research, we found no evidence to suggest that salvestrols taken in supplement form have any positive effect on killing cancer cells, or preventing cancer from spreading. Because salvestrols are easily destroyed by processing, it is doubtful that any salvestrols in highly processed supplements would be in concentrations high enough to produce the anti-cancer effects that consuming organic, high-salvestrol content foods could.

However, your experience suggests otherwise; you quote some remarkable anecdotes and indeed, elsewhere on the web you state that you personally don't know anyone with cancer, as all your friends diagnosed with the disease have recovered using salvestrols.

Also, you suggest fast responders "are all clear by 3 months" and slow responders by a year. But are there also "non-responders" - people whose cancers don't express the CYP1B1 enzyme at all, and who therefore would not benefit?

Further, given that with conventional chemo, cancer cells seem to become resistant to the drugs, wouldn't cancer cells gradually become resistant to salvestrols?

I survived testicular cancer 8 years ago. The chemo worked, but I found it a barbaric treatment and ever since have kept my eyes open for a more rational therapy. Salvestrols sound fantastic but I keep coming back to the above uncertainties.

This is a pertinent matter now, because my wife is awaiting examination for possible colon cancer. I have had her on Salvestrol Platinum 3 daily since last week. I would like to think that these will improve her chances of a good outcome, but I don't know if I'm being over-optimistic.







RE: Salvestrol and Prostate Cancer

by gerrypotter on Wed Feb 29, 2012 09:27 PM

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Dear Slartibartfast, the underground health reporter article was picking up on a UK article from 2005. This was before we had published evidence of its efficacy in humans. We have since published case studies on people who have recovered from cancer by taking salvestrols. The broad spectrum of cancer which salvestrols treat is illustrated by case studies of different types of cancer such as breast, prostate, colon, liver and lung cancer. Google search on "Salvestrol Case Studies" to find these articles.

So far everyone I know who has tried salvestrols has recovered from cancer.  I have also documented over 500 cases of people who have responded to salvestrol therapy, only a fraction of which have been published.

Cancer cells cannot become resistant to salvestrols since this is the natural tumour eradication pathway present in all mammalian cells. As soon as a cell becomes malignant the salvestrol activase enzyme CYP1B1 is switched on and is ready to activate salvestrols, should any come along. However the enyme is often sat there doing nothing with no salvestrols to act upon, so is useless in the absence of salvestrols. Each tumour cell has a CYP1B1 enzyme in it just waiting for salvestrols to come along so that it can activate them. Without salvestrols the tumour simply continues to grow and multiply.

The salvestrols have a good track record in helping with colon cancer and here is one example:

Case #8. Colon cancer

A 64-year-old female was diagnosed with colon cancer. At the time of her consultation, her ab­domen was continually distended leaving her with a bloated feeling. She was experiencing chronic, sharp pain in her abdomen that was heightened after eating. This pain was suffi­ciently severe that she was unable to touch her abdomen or lay face down. She had lost 10% of her weight and had a poor appetite. She was fatigued to the point of falling asleep by mid-day. She also experienced occasional nausea, and blood in her stool. Her skin colour had taken on a gray tone.

She chose not to pursue conventional treatment, and immediately started taking Salvestrols. This comprised three Salvestrol Platinum (1000 point) capsules, spread through the day by taking one capsule after each meal. This level of Salvestrol supple­mentation (3,000 points per day) was main­tained for three months.

She reported feeling better after the ini­tial three weeks of Salvestrol supplementa­tion. Within five weeks she looked noticeably better to relatives. By seven weeks the abdominal pain had subsided, as had the distension. Three months later she reported feeling so much bet­ter.

After a period of seven months of Salves­trol supplementation her weight and skin color had returned to normal. In order to assess the progression of the disease she arranged for a privately fund­ed ultrasound investigation. No cancer was found. From this point she has continued to take two Salvestrol Shield (350 point) capsules each morning (700 points per day) as a preventative measure. She has great confidence in Salvestrols and attributes her recovery to them.


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