Solvestrols at work

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RE: Salvestrols didn't work...

by lalaji on Wed Apr 23, 2014 02:34 AM

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Salvestrol does not work.  I have seen so many cases where it didn't work, and yet to come across a real story where it worked.  It's a ploy to do business with people's faith hope. I tried salvestrol with all the suppliments suggested for it. It failed terribly. 

I still believe in alternate therapies and natural treatments and planning to checkout LDN now. But now I am cautious about giving my money to the genuine people. 

Salvestrol doesn't work, it failed completely time and time again.

RE: Solvestrols at work

by aantony on Wed Apr 23, 2014 04:18 PM

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Please don’t sell anything here!

RE: Salvestrols didn't work...

by Inde43 on Wed Apr 23, 2014 04:57 PM

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In my opinion salvestrols DO work, but sometimes there are unknown or known inhibitors. They are researching this, so hopefully they will find out more. I am still very thankful for this natural medicin. I am a breastcancersurvivor and have had no signs of recurrence since on salvestrols.

RE: Salvestrols didn't work...

by trietje on Wed Apr 23, 2014 05:02 PM

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Also diet seems to be very important for Salvestrols to work or not to work. Inde, what is your average diet throughout the year? I think it must be very alkaline and full of minerals and greens. Also good intestine bacteria are important in order to take up the 'superfoods' in the bloodstream.

RE: Salvestrols didn't work...

by jennette on Wed Apr 23, 2014 06:42 PM

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Dear all -- I work as a kinesiologist -- so the body can tell you what you need.

Certainly my body wanted and was asking for salvestrols when a kinesiologist friend, who knew a lot about them, tested me for them. But she had had leukemia,  which she got after her father died, and she had managed to get rid of it within 6 months without salvestrols.

Another friend with skin cancer which was spreading to the back of his throat went to John of God in Brazil and came back to Ireland with no cancer at all! That did not work for me...

My stress levels have been through the roof and still are .. going through difficult divorce ... so something really did the job as it was not happiness or relaxation or feeling good!

I believe I was a slow responder but I also took something called SOD  from nutri which is interesting and which I took deliberately to help the salvestrols work for me.

Anyhow ---  there is more than one way of ridding ourselves of cancer.

It is a shame to put people off using salvestrols when it has been so thoroughl researched... I can understand you being disappointed and disillusioned if it did not work for you, but I humbly think you are doing wrong to discourage people and take away a chance they might well have to beat the cancer. There is something irresponsible and unkind in doing this.

I am quite convinced it worked for me -- with help -- and I find that cancer patients whom I work with have also deemed it important in their struggle.

I think one must also realise that medical treatment does not work for many people. But the stats are better if we take control and help ourselves.

Best wishes to all


RE: Salvestrols didn't work...

by mgravenhorst on Wed Apr 23, 2014 07:55 PM

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Dear Jennette,

you are so right when you say this. Each cancer is different, each organism is different - what works for some people, doesn´t work for others. My Mom is going through her second line of chemo, unfortunately the recent scan showed new tumours in the lymphnodes. She has decided to do chemo because she believes that this is her best option at this moment. Nevertheless, we are not giving up on Salvestrols. I do have this feeling that they do give something. Of course, apart from Salvestrols my Mom is taking some other supplements. I do think that it is the combination of many things that can help and I totally agree with you that, considering the research that has been made, people shouldn´t be discouraged.

RE: Salvestrols didn't work...

by seewhy on Wed Apr 23, 2014 08:47 PM

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I agree that the Salvestrols are "doing something" in combination with other things. I am sorry for those that it has not worked for but my complementary doc says in his experience not many are fast responders. I would not want to give up on something that could be helping. Have any of you heard of methylation testing? It seems methylation problems may be a factor with Salvestrols working...

Jennette, I would like to know more about SOD that you took to help the salvestrols work. (besides organic veg & fruit and daily exercise, i was recommended to take biotin, magnesium, B3, Vit C to support Salvestrol effectiveness)

thank you, cindy

ps-I just read Radical Remission by Dr. Kelly Turner and the story of a survivor that went to see John of God is quite amazing. I am so happy your friend had such good results!

RE: Salvestrols didn't work...

by Eliza111 on Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:16 AM

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I imagine some things work that don't for others... I am of the belief that chemo has had massive amounts of failures. I had tried to read about salvestrol and found all positive comments and no not all from the manufacturer. I specifically had to type in negative comments or reviews to find your comments... This is a natural product... Faith plays a role in cancer. I found it via a naturopath that's is opposed to companies in this business for financial gain. It is a preventative measure for me... Will it work. I am worth the money to try out a natural product as opposed to not adding something to my diet that might be good for me. Saying it doesn't work I expect is and shall be valid in cases. Do varying cancers matter - or does it work better without chemicals in our system that western civilization promotes. All chemicals that people take are a danger yes. Do They cute or do they mask systems.. My experience is that more often than not eventually drugs that work for one ailment disease eventually do not and you are now in the abyss of take this pill now to alleviate further ailments by piling chemicals in that your body is not designed to manage. Thanks for the reply:). I think it is in the best interest of all to hear all sides and then make up their own minds. Don't quash those hopes without backing up your claims that there sreny in fact success stories.. If you rely on chemo only and to give up when that fails- geez. Maybe this helps if only for a few extra weeks of hope. Maybe suggest to the manufacturers that they donate a good portion of their profits.

RE: Salvestrols didn't work...

by patromano on Thu Apr 24, 2014 01:48 AM

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On Apr 23, 2014 12:45 AM Eliza111 wrote:

On Dec 19, 2013 5:30 AM patromano wrote:

Very bad news here. My dad who has recurrent prostate cancer after failed radiation has been taking salvestrols with the recommended supplements for about a year.  His PSA has managed to stay around 8 for a few months but the latest test showed another increase.
 A couple of months ago his voice was becoming hoarse. A visit to his doctor warranted a biopsy of his vocal cords. The bad news is the biopsy came back positive for cancer. I hate to give bad news to those counting on salvestrols to protect them or even cure them of cancer but I've not seen any evidence from these forums that salvestrols are helping. Most people coming back with good salvestrol  results have combined therapies with radiation, surgery, hormones or chemo. Being too quick to credit salvestrols when taking them with combined therapies does not mean salvestrols had any role with positive results. However we do know for instance hormone therapy without salvestrols will drastically reduce one's PSA. We can't say the same thing about salvestrols alone.  The earliest case studies using anonymous patients are so spectacular we need to question the authenticity and motivation behind them. Those patients were cured within a few months sometimes with minimal salvestrol dosages and no other therapies. Supposedly salvestrols should work for 95% of the population. Why are those incredible results not repeated here? Time and time again we are seeing failures. 
  Unfortunately my dad used to smoke 45 years ago for about 15 years but has not touched a cigarette in 30 years. I recall Gerry Potter saying he still smokes and isn't about to stop because he takes salvestrols as a preventative to cancer so isn't worried about getting cancer. Well my dad was on 6000 to 12000 salvestrol pts. for the past year and salvestrols did not prevent another cancer from occurring or establishing itself.   Sorry to be a downer for those who are relying on salvestrols to beat their cancer but it looks to be a sham. With this experience my experiment with salvestrols is now over. I will not waste anymore precious time or money on it. Best of luck to everyone here battling this terrible disease

Dear sir... terribly sorry to hear about your father.     You sound knowledgeable.. Are you a doctor.... I don't speak in PSA etc however I had two parents pass away from cancer and all grandparents...    The word sham is not in keeping with the professionalism of the rest of your story... It appears as though you might be in the medical profession??   Are you?

I think that your story has quashed the hopes of many and for a nominal amount of money that could be a bottle of wine a week.. isn't it worth a try if it doesn't do any harm.   

I have found that many many people are anti natural medicines... and prefer that we kill our organs with various chemicals.. that most often do not work for cancer either.  I look forward to your reply...   and if your father is still in fact with us and his views on using salvestrols.    Its almost like saying it isnt helpful  to eat organic when possible...  your story I find upsetting.

I'm sorry to hear about your loved ones passing away. For your information I am not a doctor.  I am just a son trying to help his father. If you read the earliest of testimonies you will find fantastic outcomes using salvestrols. My dad had prostate cancer and we decided to try them as an experiment and promised to disclose the results- good or bad. Of course we were hoping for the best results possible.

We followed Gerry Potter's recommended dosages and supplements. Nearly a year after being on Salvestrols he developed vocal cord cancer. He has received laser treatment and due to the staging and pathology reports his surgeon is claiming a 95-98% success rate. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

My father has been eating organics his whole life, has a huge garden, make his own wine, limits his meat and sugar intake. He keeps himself active and fit. Due to rising PSA and development of vocal cord cancer while on Salvestrols our conclusion is Salvestrols does not work as claimed in the earlier testimonies. For those who want to give it a try go ahead but we are just letting you know it did not work for us, and trust me you would not want hear my dad's views on Salvestrols.

Currently he is taking liposomal Vitamin C and Curcumin for his prostate cancer. His recent PSA test showed a small increase to just over 8.  We will try another 4 months on Vit.C+Curcumin and once his PSA reaches 10 he will have to go on hormone therapy.

Sorry to bring bad news about Salvestrols , but in our case it just didn't work. 

RE: Salvestrols didn't work...

by Inde43 on Thu Apr 24, 2014 04:37 AM

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Hi Eliza, all the earned money goes back into research I heard. So that's a good thing! Hi Trietje, I try to eat as alkaline as possible, drink a lot of green smoothies and I also take some supplements. (Vitamine C, Multivitamin, chlorella, Q10, magnesium, krilloil, vitamine D) I avoid diary and eat only organic meat in small portions. I try to eat organic anyway, Also I exercise a lot. But of course there are also days when I eat too much chocolate and other 'wrong' things. I'm only human but I try the best I can. :)
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