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Adenocarcinoma-New Diagnosis W/ Mets

by LICAROL on Tue Nov 30, 2010 04:35 AM

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Hello: I am so relieved to find this site. I am a nurse but I am at a loss with the current events we are experiencing. My husband, a young 66 years of age had been experiencing left sided rib pain since June this year. All x-rays were clear. On August 23, a 2cm mass was found in the right lower lobe of the lung. It appeared like a benign mass that he had excised the year before. He still complained of left rib pain and x-rays in early OCtober revealed a shadow at the rib at the L4 level. Octover 27, another Ct was performed and a bone biopsy as well. The right lung mass had grown to 3cm and the bone biopsy results revealed adenocarcinoma of pulmonary origins. Radiation to the bone site started on 11/5 and his 15th and last treatment will be tomorrow, 11/29. Total 15 sessions. It has reduced his bone pain immensely. On 11/22, he started chemotherapy (cis-platinum and Alimta). he will have 6 sessions, three weeks apart. Prior to the initiation of chemo, he had a monitoring MRI of the brain because the brain is one of this cancers favorite places to travel to. It was positive for a 1/2 inch mass in the left frontal lobe. We were told that this was a very aggressive tumor and it is living up to its reputation. On Friday, he had another, more intense, MRI, there was no change and no new spots. He will have a stereotactic radiofrequency procedure tomorrow and we are told that this should take care of it. In 2 months he will have a minitoring scan adn if it is still there, surgery might be recommended. BUT, I have also been told that with stage IV disease, surgery is usually not performed because of the other affected sites. He also developed deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary emboli so now he has to have Lovenox injections 110mg twice daily. As I mentioned, the chemo to try to keep the lung tumor in its place started 11/22. The side effects kicked in on Wednesday night and continue. Extreme fatigue. Needs assistance to dress, shower alone, no energy, legs feel heavy, constant bowel movements, dry heaves, no appetite, not eating which is probably contributing to the fatigue. Aside from the trip to the hospital for the MRI on Friday, he had been in bed or the recliner since Wednesday night. All the literature I read paints a very bleak picture. We have great faith and that is what keeps us going. I dont want to see him suffer. I am having a harder time keeping up a happy face. I decorated the house a little for Christmas for him but it was very difficult. I am missing hm and grieving him already and he is still here. I am still working and have to continue to work because it is my salary that pays the bills. We don't have much money saved. I have FMLA available but you don't get paid for time out on FMLA. I don't let hi know about all the bills that are coming in. I feel so overwhelmed and lost. All our family is up north. It is just us here. How do I stay strong? How do I help him cope with what he is going through? Any advise would be appreciated. Prayers very appreciated. Thanks for reading and being here.

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