Lessons learned and tips on using Efudex or Carac

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RE: Efudex or Carac or Fluorouracil

by CandyTex on Tue Mar 12, 2019 06:33 PM

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Hi Robin!

Thanks for your note. I've not heard of the Picato treatment.

I'm on my 12th day of treatment today, applying 2x/day over entire face. Here's what I've experienced:

Days 1-6:   Facial skin felt very dry. Very slight itching from day 3 forward.

Day 7-10: Red spots began appearing on forehead...hardly noticeable at first but progressively more pronouced as treatment proceeded along. Area above lipline and on chin started looking like a had a red rash. A bit tender but not bad. By Day 10 the redness was noticeable to me. This area of my face is a bit more senstive now and still feels dry. Still tolerable. 

Day 11-12: Red spotting more pronounced now with same areas of redness as mentioned above. Note...this is not the fiery red I've seen in other blog sites, just noticeable to me. Again slight itching which I merely tap on face with my finger to relieve. Still avoiding any moisturizers as the dryness is tolerable. I took 1 tablet of Tylenol 8hr arthritis last night at bedtime as a precaution and slept very well.

At this point, I'm feeling a bit self-conscious this last day about the red areas on face. Most times going into stores no one notices as they are too focused on their own business. Haven't tried applying make-up to cover redness...just haven't felt the need. I might consider it in future depending on circumstances when I leave the house. 

My first impressions is that the compounded lotion (efudex/dovonex) may be more tolerable than the straight efudex, but hopefully also more effective also. Some of the blogs show horrible redness which I haven't yet experienced.

I'll check back in a few days and report again. I'll be checking with my Dr. to see if she wants to extend treatment a 3rd week. I'd like to stop after the two weeks, so I can begin the healing process, but we'll see.

Take care and thanks for your inquiry.

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