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nsclc adeno squamos

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nsclc adeno squamos

by adriana.elio on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:33 PM

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My husband was diagnosed Dec 2009 with nsclc,was treated with two cycles of chemo,reacting quite well,taking at the same times AGARICUS BLAZEI MURRIL,to reinforce  his immunity system,even doctors were amazed,then was put on AVASTIN,for three more treatments,after this his oncologist advised him to go on TARCEVA,the side effects were horrendus,He ended up having collateral effects developing  INTERSTITIAL DESEASE,the oncologist negleted to talk about this,he past away last December ,after one and a half month  treatment with Tarceva,he died with so much sufference,on oxigen mask 24 hr ,oxigen does't go through blood cells when there 's water forming.

Had we been warned about this very risky side effect ,we would have never never gone through with  Tarceva,my husband quality of life  (within his illness ) was actually very good .

I would advise anyone starting on Tarceva to make sure and get informed about ALL COLLATERAL SIDE EFFECTS, is your life 's quality bad enough to risk your life ???????????

If only could go back..........

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