cancer of the bladder and Radium treatment

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cancer of the bladder and Radium treatment

by charmainew on Tue Jun 14, 2011 05:12 PM

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 I have a friend living with me , who has had tumors removed from his bladder, and subsequently just finished radium therapy about a month ago. His is still experiencing extreem pain across bladder area, where surgery was done as well as across his lower back. The surgery area has lossed sensation to the touch , but however remains painful, not sure if this is internal or not. He is Presently taking morfine to control pain, which leads to constipation. I know nothing about cancer, and need to know are his symptoms normal , and how long is the recovery time after radium.

RE: cancer of the bladder and Radium treatment

by SandraLambert on Thu Jun 16, 2011 04:59 AM

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I recently lost my boyfriend of 15 years to bladder cancer. It started in the bladder aboaut 8 years ago and they removed the bladder. It reoccured 6 years later in his left kidney.... They removed his left kidney.

The bladder cancer cells reoccured again last January around his right kidney and they removed his right ureter. He then had localized chemo and then started having the lower back pain again....

The doctor he went to for his lower back pain did an MRO which revealed swelling in his lymph nodes.... UCLA did a beipsy and revealed cancer in the nodes...... They recommended doing full body chemo at that point, so we decided to stay in Las Vegas for that.

Our Onhcologist in Vegas ran a Pet SCan before he started the chemo so we could see how the chemo performed.

Believe it or not, UCLA never ran a Pet Scan.

Well, the Pet SCan revealed cancer in the liver.... The chemo bought us about 8 months but the back pain never went away totally. We tried radiation on the back, but then we couldn't do chemo, so of course the cancer cells continued to grow.....

I'm glad that we got another 8 months and I know he is not in pain any longer, but I can not tell you how important it is to get a Pet Scan......

I wish the best for you and your friend and I hope this information helps!!

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