cyberknife vs IMRT

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cyberknife vs IMRT

by torel00 on Thu Dec 08, 2011 02:50 AM

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Please step up to the plate and tell me what you know, believe or have heard.

Would you use a cyberknife or IMRT or other to treat a very small benign schwanoma situated on the trigeminal nerve middle branch just inside the foramen rotundum?

The patient is a 55 yr old female in very good health. The tumor is quite evident in the MRI, although small. Symptom is excruciating pain on left side of face, focussed at the temple. Pain is continuous, not on and off. Pain also radiates from temple forward and downward somewhat, seems to be confined to middle branch of trigeminal.

Pain is being controlled with periodic Prednisone tapers, and a steady diet of Oxycontin and Lyrica. Advice on pain is welcome also, but I'm specifically interested in choice of radiation therapy technology.

Many thanks!

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