Thyroid cancer, cure with alternatives??

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RE: Thyroid cancer, cure with alternatives??

by Jason1 on Wed Aug 01, 2018 11:28 PM

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Hello all, just thought I would update my situation since it's been so long.

Everything is basically the same since my last update where an ultrasound showed a slight decrease in the size of the cancer.

Further ultrasounds have shown status quo.

Iv'e not had ANY medical treatments or surgery, and don't intend to either, most likely not ever.

Still doing my daily alternative treatments, which are vitamins, etc. I'm convinced more than ever it's making a difference. Especially the Iodine, Tumeric, Selenium, etc!

Oh, and I invested in a home, mini infrared sauna...very cool ;)

I hardly ever even think about this cancer anymore, because quite honestly, there is no reason to think about it. It hasn't caused me any problems in the slightest. I'm convinced I will live out my life with Thyroid cancer, and die one day of something completely old age. I believe a positive attitude like mine helps....actually, I know it does. Some may say it's "living in denial"...which of course is nonsense. I say to them...have surgery if you want to have surgery, I choose not too. But then again, it depends on specific situations. If cancer is spreading rapidly throughout the body, then i'm not sure what good alternative treatments will do. Fortunately, this is not my situation.

Anyway, that is my update. I hope all is well, or as well as can be expected!

RE: Thyroid cancer, cure with alternatives??

by johnnybgood on Fri Aug 10, 2018 08:23 PM

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keep taking what your taking but dont do not dismiss your doctor your percentage of success is 100 percent at your stage yes i have tc as well and tryed to get rid of  an agressive bc on my ear using high end methods  bob beck enzimes budwig cellect daily enemas 6 hrs a day of protocols yes my system is heathy but it took a 12 hr opp and my ear pt of my jaw are gone one eye doesent work (blink) that well , ihave been eating organic for 20 yrs hate tradional medicine , i hear where your coming from my current tc is less than 1cm i also take supps but if in 6 mo they want to opperate so be it, ps after almost 1 yr  no cancer on my head ! thank the Lord ! pray with real Christians catch the fire/or vinyard our church has 12 people 2 had cancer not anymore!

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