Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

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RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by JohnnyP on Sat Apr 27, 2019 07:28 PM

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Shirley went in for her monthly follow up visit.  Actuall, it's only been two weeks, because they wanted blood work prior to taking Verzenio.

Bad news.  Her CA15-3 jumped 12 points in two weeks, now at 66.7, high normal is 25.

Still, she's feeling and looking very good.

We saw a new guy, a physician's asistant.  He asked why Shirley wasn't taking the Verzenio provided, she said it was too costly, many horrible side effects, and doesn't kill cancer.

I told him we are looking into alternatives, such as HBOT.  I said I am also looking into high dose IV vitamin C, and that I want to lean how to administer it myself at home.

I thought I had struck gold, when he said his last job all he did was IV's.  But, he advised me not to do it, though he couldn't really give me a good answer.

I said "You know Mabel out there in the infusion room?  If SHE can do it, I can learn how to do it."  By now Shirley was saying "You're not putting a needle into me.  I'll do the oxygen chamber but this is too far out."  So, high dose Viamin C is on hold for now.

His boss the oncologist stuck her head in the door, and asked what we wanted to do.  I lied and said "Prayer and fasting."  She smiled and left.

Advanced Hperbarics referred us to a doctor that will prescribe HBOT for Shirley.  We see him this Monday, then we intend to start HBOT right away.

RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by JohnnyP on Sat Apr 27, 2019 08:38 PM

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There was a story on a news site where I spend a lot of time, about a guy that cured his lung cancer using an over the counter worm medicine for dogs.  The active ingredient is fenbendazole.  It's on Free Republic:

I see that Daniel was onto this last year.  I follwed his links and found a story about a college professor in San Diego that used repurposed drugs to cure his brain cancer.  Here's a movie about it:

RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by Jcancom on Sun Apr 28, 2019 08:33 PM

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JohnnyP, after all of these years on the thread it is gratifying to see that metabolic medicine is now out there helping people. I have been tenative about the potential of metabolics as a cancer therapy, though there is now an abundance of evidence that it can be effective. I am in fact surprised how uniformly effective it appears to be. The argument about metabolics is now won. 

What we are seeing now is really only the first wave of the research. There are a great many additional approaches that have not fully entered the conversation. I was quite excited, then when I heard about talk of moving down glucose levels in the link that you posted. I have been uncertain why this has not been a larger focus in metabolics. Glucose is the main fuel for cancer cells. Why not simply bring down glucose levels? At the same time, people who go on ketogenic diets often do not have even minimally decreased glucose levels. One of the articles that we have referred to mentioned that in deep ketosis glucose levels can be reduced a very substantial amount. I am not sure whether I have a figure that shows what happens to tumor size in humans when glucose levels are decreased, though one of the videos showed what happens in animals: it is quite dramatic how much tumors decrease with decreased blood glucose. 

Having constant monitoring of blood glucose, ketone and lactate levels would seem to be to be a highly reasonable idea. I noticed online that high endurance athletes until recently had a non-invasive lactate monitor that they could purchase. Such a monitor would be a great help to understand how to manipulate lactate levels downwards.

There are a great number of treatments still waiting to be explored and when added on top of existing therapies should make metabolic treatment all the more powerful.

RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by Jcancom on Tue Apr 30, 2019 09:55 PM

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Good one, JohhnyP!

I was getting all long winded about new metabolic treatments waiting to be found and I completely overlooked your post about fenbendazole. It was only when I emailed D about another matter that I tuned in to what you were saying. D was so busy trying to handle all the web traffic to his site about FB that he had no time to chat with me! It was right about then that I figured that something was up.

FB! That one has been out there for a while, though it never really clicked with me; When I started reading your link and others, it finally did. Wow! Another metabolic treatment? Startling! It blocks glucose uptake through Glut4, tubulin ... The 2018 Nature article mentioned that it had an impossibly low Combination Index value of 0.04 when used with DCA, also low with 2-DG. I would love to see a nanoformulation perhaps chitosan.

This is super exciting! Thank you for the hint. Can hardly wait to see what other metabolic treatment might pop up.

RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by JohnnyP on Sat May 04, 2019 06:06 PM

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I don't usually watch the "chisbeatcancer" channel, but I clicked on it the other day to see what his guest Jane McClelland was about:

It turns out she is really smart and has REALLY done her homework, searching for old drugs to repurpose for cancer, along with supplements.  She has an English accent and is a little hard to understand, but worth it.

I have her self published book on order and plan to buy one for the doctor that wrote Shirley's HBOT prescription.  I can tell he is receptive to alternate treatments.  I showed him the video of Dr. Agastino talking about HBOT and he almost couldn't stop watching it.

Jane mentions the Care Oncology Clinic in Harley Street that is using off label drugs to treat cancer.  That sounded familiar, so I looked it up and they have a branch in Rapid City, SD.  Travis Christofferson is somehow involved.

You can schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation with them.  If you decide you want to proceed, you send them all your medical records and pay $800 for a consultation by video conference.  They will then tailor a four drug cocktail for you and send it to you every month, cost is $60 per month.  Every three months you pay $295 for a follow up consultation.

I was ready to sign Shirley up but she didn't like their plan, and is content with HBOT, which she starts on Monday.

I keep telling her you can't rely on just one thing, you have to add layer on top of layer of little things that eat around the edges until you finally start winning.  But, she won't listen.

RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by Jcancom on Wed May 08, 2019 01:27 AM

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JohnnyP, you are right on the innovation curve. D's forum is now also talking about the researcher you noted.

You are also right on the mark when you noted that maximally pressing cancer is a necessity. We have seen on this thread wehn patients only press the cancer with some metabolic pressure but not enough: not much happened. However, when a great deal of metabolic stress is applied, often from a range of alternative type treatments and others, the responses can become considerable. This has been seen quite a few times now on D's forum, where patients loaded metabolic approaches on top of chemo. Some of these responses have been quite impressive. The question that somewhat remains is how similar responses could be achieved without the chemo. Notably, Dayspring which is highly aware of the various alternative approaches considers 3-BP to be the central treatment replacing the place of chemo. Perhaps at some point the Turkish clinic might also try to move away from a chemo lead plan, especially given their impressive successes that use the metabolically supported low dose chemo regimen. 

It is disappointing that mainstream medicine might not have the necessary scientific proof in support of the metabolic approach for possibly decades. Using a single metabolic approach by itself obviously would not be expected to have a meaningful impact on cancer. This is more or less the stage of current clinical trials. Adding in 3-5 combination treatments could take years and years; all the while the reported results would be understood as disappointing. If they were to go directly to a multi-therapy approach as currently used in alternative clinics, then they would rapidly see the benefits. We are now seeing such results in patient after patient on D's forum. It is quite impressive. The results should not be overstated, though they are entirely consistent with the results reported by the Turkish clinic. It continues to be difficult for me to understand that these approaches can so vastly outcompete treatments offered by mainstream medicine. That simply does not seem reasonable. Yet, the Turkish clinic reported results for stage IV lung cancer patients treated with integrative metabolic therapies that were multiple times better than the reported results from standard of care. Perhaps the FDA should allow companies that run clinical trials which combine their products along with these metabolic treatments extended protected marketing rights. Extending out the patent for a blockbuster drug by a year or two could mean billions of dollars of revenue for pharma companies. This might be the only way for some of this research to ever make it into the clinic.   

RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by JohnnyP on Wed May 08, 2019 05:10 PM

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Thank you for your thoughtful (as always) reply.

Shirley had her first HBOT on Monday.  One hour at 3.0 (!) atmospheres.  They let me go in the chamber with her.  She gets 100% oxygen from a face mask while I breath normal air.

We are scheduled for three times a week, twenty sessions to start with.  We'll keep an eye on her blood work to see if it helps her white blood count and CA15-3 cancer marker.

She said she feels better already and is looking forward to it.

RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by Jcancom on Thu May 09, 2019 01:54 AM

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JohnnyP, would there be any rational for you to go 100% oxygen while in the chamber as well? I mean if you are there anyways, then perhaps you might think of giving it a try. Aren't there people out there who are treated with HBOT as an anti-aging etc treatment? Would there be any contraindications for this?

Yes, this is something that I have been considering more about recently: treatment that makes patients feel better. For so many cancer and, in fact, patients of almost any description, have this built-in psychology that whatever must be endured from the treatment must be endured. Thus, cancer patients routinely consent to treatments that cause a great number of side-effects. One of the more obscure of these side-effects is that even making a casual visit to the chemo room will induce immunosuppresion in cancer patients.

One of the more apparent consequences of metabolic treatment is the minimal side effects involved. In both published 3-BP reports the patients even after very large anti-cancer effects had no side effects, but instead almost immediately felt better. It would not surprise me at all, if at some point 3-BP patients were actually brought back to the treatment rooms, in order to induce anti-cancer effects! 3-BP treatment probably will result in classical conditioning of immuno-activation and anti-tumor responses!

Vitamin C appears to be another anti-cancer treatment that is consistently reported to make patients feel better. I like this idea: treatment makes feel better. Why should treatment make them feel worse? Makes no sense to me. All you need to do is drag them into the treatment room on the first day and from there they can drag you.

Same idea might apply more broadly with cancer: move to non-toxic treatments. The entire conception of treating patients with highly toxic drugs that they need to have month long vacations to recover from also makes no sense. You really want to find treatments that could be administered around the clock without stop. Such treatments by necessity would need to be highly patient friendly. This treatment strategy is highly congruent with the metabolic approach.

Great news! Package came in the mail! Canine dewormer! My dog does not have worms! Well, truthfully, I do not have a dog, though nowadays you can never be to careful, I figure. I saw your comments on the thread that you linked above. I think you should also heed this advice about never being too careful; worms or no worms, dog or no dog.  

Best Wishes, Jcancom

RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by JohnnyP on Fri May 10, 2019 02:36 AM

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Shirley went for a blood draw just before her first HBOT session.  Her WBC count is still low at 3.0, but better than it has been at 2.7.  Her cancer antigen CA15-3 continues to climb, now at 71, an increase of 5 points in two weeks, compared to a 12 point jump in the previous two week period.

Cancer is relentless, growing 24 hours a day, while the HBOT is just three hours per week.  We'll get another test in a week to see what if anything two weeks of HBOT + Keto are doing.

Yes, it's time to look into the de-wormer and some off label drugs described by Jane McClelland.  I'm waiting on her book to arrive.

Unless they have a package deal, HBOT for me would be another $100.  Better to save it for Shirley's care.

RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by dumbcritic on Tue May 14, 2019 10:15 PM

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Some of the videos and seminars from Tripping Over The Truth Retreat are now up

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