Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

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RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by Jcancom on Tue May 14, 2019 11:50 PM

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JohnnyP, it is such a difficult struggle, though in many ways you are on the right track: intensify and rotate through metabolic treatments. Seek out metronomic metabolic therapies.

Metronomics allows you to fight back 24 hours per day against cancer which does not seem to take many breaks. This was one of the larger insights that we had on D's forum. Might be a good time to give some thought to the updated approach to lower glucose levels that I quoted a ways back on thread, suggested that there was such a clinical protcol that might be portable from existing medical procedures.

Quite startling how many alternative and even traditional chemo and other therapies ultimately have metabolic mechanisms of action. We have mentioned this on post before, yet it bears repeating: the researchers who pioneered 3-BP deserve a Nobel prize.

Most people are still largely clued out about the importanance of 3-BP. However, all you need to do is go back to the early 2000s and see the citations build up for 3-BP and DCA. Shutting off cancer metabolism in the preclinical models caught the attention of a substantial proportion of the oncology research community. Now we are seeing clinical successes such as the Turkish clinic and elsewhere.    

Actively engaging with the research and making comments to the treatment team is a big asset for you. It is difficult to understand why so many retreat into being a patient when the traditional (i.e., mainstream) medicine has yet to be optimized. Keep up your spirits JohnnyP! There has been a great deal of success of late on D's forum. I can hardly wait to see what new insight might emerge there.

Best Wishes, Jcancom

RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by Jcancom on Thu May 16, 2019 03:21 AM

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critic, thank you for posting the link!

I felt so much love and joy when I went to the url. When I posted about the conference earlier on thread I was very impressed with how well all the details had been attended to. My impression from the website is that the conference was a massive success. Success feels great! There is a growing positive energy associated with metabolics as it is becoming increasingly self-apparent that this is a way forward in cancer management.

Earlier when posting about the conference I reached poetically to foresee an era of metabolic medicine. This is being manifest. The published results from Turkey for the lung cancer patients were dramatic. Other less formal replications have been observed.

At the same time, the potential metabolic toolkit continues to expand; it is remarkable. I had snoozed through Fenbendazole quite a few times on D's forum, though we have now heard strong reports about that one and another drug in the same class. Mebendazole is mentioned on the conferernce site. There is also mention of Oxaloacetate; I have also had that one on the backburner for a while.

It is almost too much to believe-- Do ALL the intermediates and targets in the main energy pathways have therapeutic potential (citrate, the OXPHOS complexes, oxaloacetate, GLUTs, MCT-1, ... . ) ? We started building up a list of anti-metabolics on D's forum and it kept growing and growing!   

The broad metabolic position that has been consistently advanced on thread has largely been verified by ongoing clinical and other research. We were right.    

RE: Anyone used 3bp (3-bromopyruvate)?

by JohnnyP on Mon May 20, 2019 08:48 AM

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Darn, looks like I missed out on the videos.  $30 to view now.  It's for a good cause, so I will probably spring for it later this week.

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