blood test levels

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RE: blood test levels

by SonOfPORTDIVA on Thu Aug 07, 2014 03:01 PM

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On Apr 20, 2013 5:11 AM wingbird wrote:

On Apr 20, 2013 4:52 AM wingbird wrote:

Hi ClayBear and everyone,

I am new here. I was diagnosed with Nueroendocrine Carcinoid Carcinoma October of 2012. My Oncolosgist tells me I am a stage 4 with Matastasis. Prior to that about a year in half before my diagnoses I was in the ER for another issue and they had to do a CAT SCAN and accidentally found the multiple nodules that I have in both lungs.  My Pulmanologist sugested I have a lung biopsy of the largest nodule which is 2.9 cm. After that I saw my cancer doctor and she recommended I have one more biopsy of the right lung and to determine my course of treatment. Besides the biopsey she did a blood panel and urine test. My second biopsy confirmed carcinoid in my right lung, too. I also had another test called an Oceometrey Test. So that test confirmed what I had. But blood work and my urine test was to confirm if I was having any symptoms from the Carcinoid. That test was negative. So my Cancer doctor told me she could not treat me until I have symtoms. The main symtoms are: Flushing, vomiting, watery diarehea,  stomach pain and weasing. My cancer is only located in my lungs and no where else.

Any one else out there like me? (TAKE NOTE) One thing I learnt from the Opra Winfrey show you can never ask too many questions or be too persistant. Some one from her audiance asked an OBGYN doctor a question about her Hysterectomy surgery and this was the doctors response. And I quote " IF YOU DON'T ASK THE RIGHT KIND OF QUESTION THEY WERE NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU THE ANSWERE."

As I see it it is your life, your body, and your right to know if you want the information.

Excuse me, I did not have a (OCEOMETREY Test) I HAD A OCTREOSCAN.

Isn't it something how we become so smart with MEDICAL terminology about our health? LOL

Good morning, everyone. I found this forum while doing some research on carcinoid syndrome and, lo and behold, I found these posts of my mother's. Sadly, she lost her battle to this horrible disease on Valentine's Day of this year. I am going to make a post asking some more questions, but just wanted to say they she is no longer with us. They never did find her primary tumor.

RE: blood test levels

by Bongo2 on Sat Oct 18, 2014 04:01 AM

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So sad to hear about your loss of your mama.  Hope you are doing well.

RE: blood test levels

by Babs55 on Wed Feb 03, 2016 09:22 PM

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I'm so sorry.   

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