21 years later

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21 years later

by Wisterious on Thu Feb 21, 2013 05:12 PM

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To give you hope for a future filled with love and support. My husband developed right lung cancer and left occipital  brain mets in early 1992. He received chemo and then brain radiation. He is a survivor and still going strong(as much as he's able). For the past 4 years he has been slowly losing his cognitive abilities, off balance, memory issues, unable to make some decisions without help, muscle weakness, etc. He's a southpaw so his vision is affected but the dotors say he may continue to drive only limited to daytime and no freeway driving.

He received an eye injection of Avastin on Jan 15th for a swollen pupil and on the 16th had to be hospitalized for complete muscle weakness of his lower extremities. We were told it was probably not the side effects of avastin but he has had no major health issues for the past 21 years. The hospital doctor kept him for 24 hours observation and the muscle weakness left as magically as it came, leaving him a little more confused than usual but not extremely so. Just 3 days later I found him on the commode, confused and unable to lift his upper body from the floor. I couldn't lift him so 911 sent a team out and back to the hospital he went for a 4 day stay. Still no diagnosis when he was released. MRI brain, spinal tap, Ct LS spine, ultasound abdomen, labs, chest xrays, etc.

The Optalmologist is convinced that the avastin was not the cause of this strokelike symptoms and that the eye has "something" that prevents the med crossing the blood barrier. Since the symptoms are also serious side effects of the drug I wish I could be certain that it could be or may not be a drug reaction. My husband has had no problems since the last  hospital admission.

There is much more going on with him than the doctors can tell us. Is there anyone there who has had similar issues?

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