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by labranza on Sun Apr 28, 2013 03:44 AM

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I was diagnosed in 9/11 and underwent chemo and radiaiton simultaneously thru 12/11/11. Everything stable now except shortly after ending treatment I began having my pleural cavity fill with fluid. After the third time, my pulmonologist referred me to thoracic surgeon, who performed VATS (video-assisted) and sealed lining of the lung to chest wall so fluid could not get in. All been okay until we were finishing a cruise last week and I experienced shortness of breath.

Referred for chest x-ray Friday and it showed some "new" fluid so I am scheduled for CT scan and appointment with pulmonologist Monday. While I am feeling better, I won't cancel the app't. Couold the sealing be leaking? Does it mean cancer has returend?

Am I the only case of adenocarcinoma which afected only local lymph nodes and no tumor nor mass was there to remove surgically? The "enlarged" lymp node first id'd 2/11 and followed until it grew into something bigger several months later.

Thankls for any info anyone might have.

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