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should she have surgery or not??

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should she have surgery or not??

by noela on Sat Jul 27, 2013 08:13 AM

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hello everyone!

I really need you to help me with your experiences.

My mother 59 was diagnosed on 8 jan 2013 with stomach cancer,adenocarcinoma,locally advanced. She did blood tests,resulted anemic and then doctors did further tests and she resulted positive for stomach cancer.

She did 3 cycles of neoadjuvant chemo ECX. Ct scan done after 3 rounds showed that the cancer had shrunk,so they decided to do 3 other rounds. But at this time they did a ct scan of her lungs a noticed 3 very small nodules.Doctor s said that the would do another ct scan after the 3 rounds to see if they shrink or grow.she did the other 3 rounds and had her ct scan on 2 july.the nodules were still there,in the same shape ,in the same size.the surgeon said she can remove a part of her stomach right now if it wasn't for these nodules.they are not sure if they are mets or not.

i'm really scared. she doesn't have mets anywhere except the 3 lymph nodes around her stomach. So we have scheduled an MRI next week to get more info about those nodules. Did anyone of you had a similar experience,what if they are mets what can be done.Some surgeons suggested that no matter what they are we have to remove that part of the stomach ,and those mets can be removed with endoscopy or treated with chemo/rad.....while others think is too risky.

I really don't know what to think,i want the best for her,i don't want to do sth that can make her worse or shorten her life.I forgot to say that she is very healthy,she eats everything,doesn't have any pain,didn't loose weight since she was diagnosed in january,goes to work everyday,even when she had chemo....she coped with chemo like nobody elese in the world...what else can i say ,she is my heroine...and i love her

That's why i'm asking your help.I hope they are sth else and not cancer mets but i want to be prepared for the worse.What if they are?Is surgery the best solution or not?

Thank u very much!

God bless u.

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