The death of a spouse - in words

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RE: The death of a spouse - in words

by jdykllr on Sun Oct 06, 2013 09:46 PM

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Hi JackieJo,

Thanks for your thoughts & prayers. Looking back through all those 12 months long very difficult trial & journey, though some days with all the stress and at times felt like my brain was fried up....the only thing that kept me going was my faith in the Lord and even now without strength from the Lord...I don't think I can make it even to this day. And it is a huge comfort knowing that when my time come...I will get to see him again. Yes both my boys they are very sweet kids & I'm very thankful. My 16 year old son, I have noticed how much he had mature and kind of like a "grownup" since his Dad passed away. He is so very helpful and in alot of way acts just like his Dad. They both have their Dad's personality and in alot of ways, makes me feel good seeing Steve's DNA in them:-) My 11 year old I was kind of worried about him when Steve passed because he was very attached to his Dad and looked up to his Dad on everything. But they both seems to be doing good and we 3 are slowly adjusting to life without their Dad being here with us. Everything that happened was like a nightmare. He retired from the Navy 2010 after 22 years in Service. We were looking forward to start a new life after the Military, he was going to school fulltime and almost done and not quite 2 years after he retired out of the blue he had a Grand Mall Seizure, and our trial started that day:-(

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