Cancer pain - remedy

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Cancer pain - remedy

by gary3 on Sat Dec 14, 2013 09:35 PM

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I have colon cancer which has metastasis into my right lung.
Both of these have caused me pain and discomfort.

My doctor prescribed codeine pills but he warned me
this are very powerful.
Altho codeine helps,  it can cause dependence & administering it includes disturbed sleep and my mind is feeling strange & not normal.

I have been using Oriel Herbs Formula capsules, this is herbs also meant for various cancers and it has reduced the pain associated with both intestine and lung cancer.
It contains 4 herbs and has done wonders improving my situation
but remember to stay away from meats, eggs, dairy which make the cancer grow very fast.

With Oriel, I have stopped using codeine and am using aspirin or ibuprofen for relief.
Oriel improves my cancer and it also works for alleviating the pain.

Oriel herbs are available from the internet

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