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why-one year on

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why-one year on

by mascotty02 on Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:28 PM

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operation cmpketd chemo completed....1 year on,

I feel so tired all the time, feeling drained and ache all over nearly 24/7, have cramps in muscles and body in parts where I never thought I would get cramp and finaly my joints continuos to ache, need to get back to my old self, tryuied to go to the gym but joints ache to much, doc says 'side effects' from chemo...endocrinologist doesnt seem to say a lot carry on the 16 week injections, nebido. I feel daily now that I just want to give up, I feel I wish I hadnt complained about the lump I found and left it to late and beond help with only a few months to live, (selfish) I know.. I am not depressed.... I just feel that I dont want to wake up in the mornings, anyone elsefeel like this and dont know where to turn, am getting negs everywhere I turn at the moment. is there anywhere I can go to get help, am desperate at the moment to try and get back to my old self....


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