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Recognizing the Possible Causes of Testicular Cancer

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Recognizing the Possible Causes of Testicular Cancer

by FreeBallin on Thu Apr 24, 2014 04:46 AM

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I wish to explore the possible causes of my testicular cancer by comparing my situation to that of others and determine if there are similarities to any one elses experiences.

I realize there are multiple factors involved and there cannot be any evidence linking any one item to the cause of my cancer.

The medical community is not permitted to even suggest that some of the things I suspect may have contributed to my development of cancer in the left testicle is attributable to the cancer, nonetheless I have my suspicions and wish to see if anyone else has similar circumstances.

To better narrow things down to some relevance a bit of background on me should be disclosed. I am a 45 year old male with a history of chronic pain and long term use of opiods prescribed for the pain. 

There has been an established connection between long term opiod use and low testosterone levels.

My testosterone levels had dropped to the low 200's before I began testoterone replacement therapy by use of Androgel 1.62% to which after about 9 months of continued use at 4 pumps per day my levels had been increased to the high 600's.

I started noticing a slight enlargement of the left testicle at approximately 6 months of use. I continued using the product not thinking anything of it. 

Looking back every now and then I would feel a brief sharp pain in the testicle that would quickly go away.

The time I would notice it was after showering and applying the gel but it was not a daily nor frequent occurence. Maybe four times during the last 3 months of use. I dismissed it as nothing.

Towards the last couple months of me using this product I did feel as if my left testicle was slightly larger than the right.

There are other factors including the fact that I would normally carry my cell phone an HTC one in my left pocket on a consistent basis.

The only other thing I would even suspect may have contributed to my cancer and only because I heard of its connection is the use of a teflon pan which had over time become scratched to where parts of the shiny metal underneath the coating had become exposed.

There is no prior history of any cancer in my family, but only of diabetes with my father and his father. 

Although I had not been diagnosed as diabetic nor pre-diabetic, I experienced symptoms which I would consider as being in a pre-diabetic state.

I therefore adjusted my diet in attempt to compensate. My diet consisted mostly of a high protein, low sugar, low carb that included eating alot of eggs, cheeses, and steak.

I was also supplementing with about 15-30grams of L-Arganine, 4 grams of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) , and 4 grams of Alpha Lipolic Acid (ALA), and 4 grams of Flax Seed Oil per day.

This diet and supplements helped me drop from 220 pounds down to 170 pounds and I believed I was healthier as a result.

Is there anyone who feels they match one or more of the things I was doing or experiencing and to what extent. 



RE: Recognizing the Possible Causes of Testicular Cancer

by FreeBallin on Thu Apr 24, 2014 05:27 AM

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I should probably mention the specifics of the cancer....

I was diagnosed with a stage 2A, non-seminoma cancerous tumor which is rare for someone my age. There were three masses independent of each other found in the left testicle. Before being operated on I insisted to have a CT scan and X ray to determine if it had spread so that I could figure how to best treat it.

Since it was determined to be localized I decided to have a radical orchiectomy. I have recently had a follow up blood test which returned negative results one month later.

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