Signet ring cells on colon metastasis and stomach (wall thickening) as primariy

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Signet ring cells on colon metastasis and stomach (wall thickening) as primariy

by shankar_jcp on Thu May 01, 2014 01:22 PM

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This is about a female 35 years. Anyone with same diagnosis or experience?

Sequence of events

1. She started developing abdominal pain sometime in late Nov 2013. Pain starts when she is half way thru with her food and continues for a while after she completes it. Sometime it may not happen if she eats on regular time or start eating often in small quantities which she did not follow well,

2. Endoscopy with biopsy completed, we were told that there is an inflammation in the stomach and needs medication (Nexpro) for sometime. Continued medication well for the initial couple of weeks but did not follow the planned ramp-down of medicines but pain reduced well.

3. In late Feb 2014, pain started to occur for few minutes and disappear for few minutes. But, this happens anytime. Not just during or immediately after the meal.

4. Doctor said that the abdomen is fine, but was advised ultra sound scan and resulted with "Minimal Ascites" impression

5. CT scan done on 11th Mar, it shows that her colon on the right side is bulged. Radiologist suggested colonoscopy, buy doctor advised that she will be put on anti-bio tic and needs a colonoscopy if required later.

6. Anti-biotic started on 12th Mar night and no restriction on the food was advised. We also traveled to for a day (15th Mar).

7. On 14th Mar night, severe pain started and did not sleep the whole night. Visited gastroenterology doctor on 15th Mar morning and was advised admission / colonoscopy.

8. Doctor was unable to get the colonoscopy completed due to narrowing of the large intestine due to obstruction.  

9. Advised that surgery is required to remove the narrow part. Waited till 16th Mar morning and surgery was completed by Oncology surgeon.

10. Colon pathology says poorly diffused adenocarcinoma with signet ring cells. IHC say that colon is secondary since there is no tumor cells in mucosa or sub-mucosa.

11. Since colon pathology said investigate upper GI and surgeon noticed stomach wall thickening, repeat Endoscopy was done to collect mutiple tisusess but pathology says that there is very less tumor cells. Only one small fragment with signet ring cells.

11. PET CT done and confirms no tomor cells anywhere except that stomach wall thickening. But, it also says that signet ring cells does not show well in PER CT.

13. Now advised for a chemo with Stomach as primary but medicine should work for Colon too.

RE: Signet ring cells on colon metastasis and stomach (wall thickening) as primariy

by MaureenT on Wed Sep 11, 2019 06:21 PM

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My grandson (19 yrs old) had sever pain in abdomen, went to emergency at hospital June 25. They operated, as it showed perforated colon. When they went in, they found a mass as big as a fist. They removed it, and sent to pathology. Signet cell. Oncologist suggested they re-enter for second surgery in 3 days time, where they removed one foot of colon ( it had seeded) and part of his rectum. Upon releases from hospital, he started chemo, every two weeks. He is going on 5 treatments so far, will go through December. He is stage 4. The doctor told us it is best not to ask questions! I have so many!! My grandson has had no reaction, or rather, no ill effects from Chemo so far. He feels good. He also thinks when treatment is over.....he will be cancer free. His mom just finished treatment for breast cancer, and is now cancer free. He has not looked into signet cell. I have, and it scares me. 12 of 15 lymph nodes showed cancer. They said they do not see it has spread. It does not help when the doctor discouraged questions. Anyone have suggestions as to what we should request be done?? I am at a loss. MaureenT
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