Stage 2A Adenocarinoma

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Stage 2A Adenocarinoma

by gpmesq on Sat May 17, 2014 01:58 AM

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My brother has been diagnosed with stage 2A Adenocarcinoma. He underwent a surgical procedure that removed the nodule, as well as a small portion of the lung. Although the surgeon thought he removed it all samples were taken from the area and they did find cells in 1 lymphnode.

The oncologist feels that it is early stage.But since they can not rule out that it has spread elsewhere in the body they recomending chemotherapy. They error on the side of caution and want to treat.

My brother, on the other hand, is probably still in denial and does not understand why he should treat if they do not know that it has spread. 

Has anyone been faced with this decision? I, personally, do not think merely monitoring this and waiting until it is large enough to show up on a pet scan is the way to go.

Does anyone know how many type of chemo there are to treat this cancer?

Has anyone gone through chemo?

I would love to put him  in touch with someone who has been there...

RE: Stage 2A Adenocarinoma

by Kayibu on Sat May 30, 2015 04:37 AM

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I was recently diagnosed stage 2B. The surgeon recommended close monitoring with CT Scan The oncologist recommended chemo. He compared the cancer to an ant mound. He said we have killed the mound, but how many ants got away before we did? I chose chemo. It was not easy. 16 weeks, but had last treatment this week to be followed soon by CT scan. There are many different types of chemo protocols, as well as a national standard, but every cancer patient will tell you all cancers are different and no two in the same stage react the same way. Some have targeted therapies and not others depending on tumor mutations Ultimately it is your brother's decision and critical he go forward with a positive attitude. Continue gathering information and educate yourself so you can share the information with him. You are a good sister. Hope you find this site informative. Blessings.
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