Embolic stroke

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RE: Embolic stroke

by bobss396 on Mon Jun 23, 2014 05:51 PM

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My wife may have had that. At a recent hospital stay, she was diagnosed with blod clots in her legs and was put on an injectable blood thinner, which she was able to do herself while she was at home.

She also had a peritoneal drain to allow the nurses to take fluids out that accumulated. In the fluids, they found high calcium levels which also cause many symptoms like great lethargy, poor long and short term memory and a host of other things.

The one hospital stay, they wanted to insert a filter into her femoral artery, to catch blood clots, but her oncologist said no and they did the other drain instead.

Interesting than embolic stroke never came up, but her condition did deteriorate quickly and she was put into hospice care before they could run other tests on her.


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