Rectal cancer treatment without surgery

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RE: Rectal cancer treatment without surgery

by dharma19 on Thu May 26, 2016 03:49 AM

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On Feb 27, 2015 2:49 PM susie7 wrote:

Hello, & Im sorry to hear, above, on all you've been through.  I wonder why your doctor had you start a Second Chemo, when the other worked and didn't cause you problems.  

May I ask, what was your experience with a colostomy? It sounds like you must have had a bad time, since you don't want one again... Do you have the rectal trouble and pain with BM?  That's the only reason I want a ostomy, of some type.

Im still waiting to hear my results. UGHH....Its day 10 done the last biopsies

IM VERY frustrated!. It seems my family knows more of my pain... Than I DO...

They have no clue what I go thru and I'm so very tired of trying to prove, what this is like. No one can see this private area. They see me up... Walking... So I guess they think I'm fine now. I still have the infection, and seepage from the burns. Im heart broken and crying, as they don't believe me. Think I just need to be tough..  . 

I have RSD, already. Its a degenerative nerve damage, from a botched surgery. And, a femeral nerve was cut.  The neuropathy has spread to the rectal and  pelvic area, due to the bomb that went off, from radiation.

 Please, can anyone tell me how I make my family believe this!

I live with this, disbelief. It's wearing me to the point of giving up. If it comes back, I may not be so sad....

But, I pray for all of you that have something,  to live for.  The Lord is in charge. I know that. So, I am trusting in Him. Nothing else.

My family believes me because I bust my fanny even when dying. I am sure you do too. It is a great question. Sounds like we have a LOT of the same problems. I have permanent damage to nerves also. I have no sex life now.  I have pain with BMs and fissures as well as pain deep in the front of my bladder area--it is where they put the dot to mark where the chemo would go. I am YEARS out of radiation and chemo-- I would have expected to be better by now.

I would go to a doctor who is an expert in anal cancer. I went to Boston and was told I have radiation proctitis and radiatian cystitis, complicated by severe irradiation burns that still light up the CT machine years later. I bleed quite a bit with urination and BMs.  So, tell them to read my story.  I work as an attorney and used to do litigation. I can't sit there for even an hour and a half.  I was an administrative judge.  That life is over.  I would have to disrupt the entire courtroom at random for my diarrhea (which can be explosive) and bladder problems. So, I believe you. I don't know why it happens with some people. I know I was stage 3B and it had spread to a lymph node so they had to irradiate me pretty badly--is this the same with you?  I wonder if the severity of post treatment reaction is based on your stage of cancer. My tumor was very large.  I had gone to a doctor and they missed it, so I had no idea I had a massive tumor.  I could have sued but didn't. In any event, I digress. Please, please concentrate on the future. It is hard to see the pain where it is hidden under clothing. I think the fact that I have had so much pain I have lost weight because I can't eat has helped people believe plus I used to love riding horses and don't any more. I am anti-drug but will take pain meds to improve my quality of life. Would your doctor be willing to explain this to your family?  I know they read the records where it said I had actually been deformed by the radiation and that it actually changed my entire area which was irradiated. If you have a report like that, then maybe that will help.  I have been told that this is pretty bad.  I hope that yours improves as some people do. I pray mine does to. I will be thinking of you.  Show them my letter. I will write them a private letter and answer any of your questions. God Bless the VA for helping me through this after civilian docs messed up.

RE: Rectal cancer treatment without surgery

by racturner on Wed Jul 27, 2016 09:36 PM

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I am being treated with a chemo drug called Fluorouracil, sometimes called 5FU. It was given to me as a cream that I applied to my anal/rectal area. Burned extremely bad. Was in pain for months after. I should also note that this area was and is still very sensitive to me. I recently got the pain under control and my oncologist had a dermatologist compound the drug with some lidocaine into a mineral oil. I am also using a special lidocaine that I apply before I use the oil and I use at night before bed. Maybe you can ask for this option. I was told I would need surgery to remove my entire rectum also but I refused. Hope this help.

RE: Rectal cancer treatment without surgery

by peterlong on Thu May 16, 2019 01:58 AM

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Check out Curing Cancer Naturally - True Stories from Real People- on Facebook. Many people post their cancer stories there and get great feedback from people from all parts of the World. I have rectal cancer but can't have surgery till after my heart treatment (Had a heart attack last December} is finished. Find a Doctor that will help you with pain management asap. Best of luck!

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