Scared!! Diagonosed with throat cancer

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RE: Scared!! Diagonosed with throat cancer

by Dlynn1210 on Fri Apr 29, 2016 04:51 PM

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I am severely claustrophobic and told them after my first treatment that weren't getting me back in there for a second one.  My oncologist prescribed Ativan for me - one smal tablet two hours before treatment helped tremendously. 


RE: Scared!! Diagonosed with throat cancer

by CCPYRAMID on Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:32 PM

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On Oct 23, 2014 10:28 PM Dlynn1210 wrote:

On Oct 23, 2014 8:45 PM CheyenneMoon wrote:

On Oct 22, 2014 6:22 PM Shereeclint wrote:

On Oct 16, 2014 4:41 PM CheyenneMoon wrote:

Hi Everyone,  I have been diagnosed with throat cancer related to the HPV 16 virus. I have run the gamment of emotions but yesterday took the cake. I went in for my simulation....where the make your panic attack. Now I am so scared I won't be able to go through with treatment. I felt like I couldnt breath. They gave me adivan to get through the simulation part. Has anyone else had such and experience and if so how did you handle going in for daily radiation treatments. Please....any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I am so afraid I can't get past the panic.


Hi Cheyenne,

I have just one request. Please look up Dlynn1210 and send her a message. Diana is a 7 year throat cancer survivor. More importantly, she has a incredible heart for folks like you. When my brother was diagnosed over a year ago her remarks were invaluable, soothing, and trustworthy.

I pray God lays His healing hand on you. "I will never leave you or forsake you", so said Our Lord Jesus Christ. I will pray for you as well.


Hey Clint, I replied to you earlier but forgot to quote this message. I appreciated your help and your prayers. There are so many here on this site with incredible hearts. Do you know how I go about looking up Dlynn1210?  I don't see a way to search for someone. I would love to get in touch with her.


Hi CheyenneMoon -

I read back through some of the posts after receiving an email from Clint.  I can totally emphathize with those who are having panic attacks resulting from the mask.  I am severely claustrophobic and just thinking about the mask now ties my stomach in knots.  Your panic attacks may very well have been related to the medicine you were taking because to be honest, as claustrophobic as I am, making the mask was not great but doable.  Wearing it during treatments was another matter.  As someone alluded to, having the mask placed over your face and then being snapped to a board to prevent us from moving can be a nightmare for those who are claustrophobic.  I barely made it through my first treatment and flat out told them I couldn't do it again.  My radiation oncologist immediately ordered Ativan for me to take prior to each treatment.  I had two radiation treatments a day - splitting the dose to lessen the side effects.  I took one Ativan an hour before each treatment and I would not have made it through without that tiny pill.  

Focusing your attention on other things helps as well.  For me, it was saying over and over, "Dad would have made it through, Dad would have made it through".  I inherited many wonderful traits from my dad but claustophobia is one I would just as soon have done without - but Dad always did what was necessary.  You see my dad was a mining engineer and often worked below ground in the coal mines.  I once toured a simulated coal mine in a museum in Chicago and as soon as I got out I called Dad and said "Thank you!"  He asked what for and I told him for going below ground all those years to support his family.  I barely made it through that day at the museum. 

It is reported that treatment for head and neck cancer is one of the toughest but the most important thing to keep in mind is that it is also totally cureable.  Some types of cancer are only palatable while others have a very low cure rate.  I have often said that if you have to be diagnosed with cancer, our cancer is the cancer of choice.  I am seven years clear of cancer and when I look back, the mask and the mucous build up that comes midway through treatment are very memorable but the rest almost seems as if it happened to someone else.  I just went for my annual checkup two weeks ago and as I looked around at people who were now going through treatment, I reflected back to when I was the one sitting in a recliner - barely hanging in there.  I remembr my oncology nurse saying after my first clear scan, "Now you know why we kicked your butt all those months."  I sure do - and it was worth every moment of it because I am alive today - and cancer free.  Do I have a few battle scars from treatment - yes, but that is because I fought a battle that I won! 

You will have a tremendous support system here on CC from those who have traveled the road you are about to embark on.  There will always be someone here 24/7 because we have members from around the globe. 

If you do start to panic once the mask is in place you can think about one highly clautrophobic person that made it through 70 - yes 70 treatments (2 a day) wearing that mask - ME!  AND sweetheart, if I can do it, trust me you can as well.  One day you will be where I am now, able to look back on treatment as a distant memory that at times seems to have happened to someone else. 

As for what to do with the mask - I told them to throw both away (I also had a second one made after a significant weight loss) but was told maybe I should keep them.  My basement flooded a few months later and Servpro did the cleanout.  They came out with the masks and asked what they should do with them - I pointed to the dumpster - and then cheered as they were thrown in.  I have a picture of me wearing it that still sends chills down me when I rarely look at it - but that is proof if I could make it through, you can also. 

I truly believe that God can give us a way to endure - all we have to do is ask Him - and trust He will.  My husband often tells others that he was amazed at how well I made it through treatment - but then I knew that God was with me throughout.  The peace that Ed relays to others that he saw in me was God carrying me when things got too difficult.  I read the Footprints poem daily while going through treatment - and there were many times that only one set of footprints were visible - God's. Many here pray often for others on CC and I know God not only hears those prayers but He answers. 

If you have any questions, we're here.  If you get depressed, remember, we've been there and will understand how you feel. 



New site, been scrolling the net scarping too find any info I can, but it's confusing & it's just me.

I have not read the full subject band(replies and all), but have onlt scoped through them. Some of the encouragment and info has been good too see. If throat cancer/neck cancer is curable as you say, I'd def like too be able and contact/message/chat with a few of you on here since discovering I have it. No med/dental ins doesn't help, so not really sure how too go about it. It's more than clear, I don't need appintments with a physician to tell me unfortunetly. 

Not sure how to go about any of it really? Maybe if I land this newer job that I am on the list for, in 6 months I'll have basic Insurance and we can go from there, but as far as now is concerned, I can only assume stage 3 if not 4.

Are any of you on here familiar with cleanzings and alternative treatments? Is there a way I can "START" helping myself and keeping things at bay? IN RE: I have no help regarding medical care, medical money or medical Insurance? 

I intend to flush my system or course, Colon Hydrotherapy/cleanse, candida cleanse, and "?" whatever else would be good, like a liver cleance, etc..

I have pretty bad dental cituation and it's apparent that, that has been the cause of infection. No dentist $$$ has pretty much signed my warrent.  In the middle of seeing about free dental clinics and such for removals and dentures, but still, that doesn't make the pollups in the throat go away or gets me $$$ for a doctor appoinment so I can get a "REAL" diagnosis even though I don't need one respectively.

It was written that throat and neck cancer is curabler and there is a 7 year survivor on this thread........I can only assume in numbers when that specific diagnosis was given & at what stage & what medical has been given............VS myself at the moment......

I'd love some advice and direction if I can get some. Not really sure how to go about it especially with no Insuranse and it just being me? No family No money help, all that. Maybe landing a differant emploment ????????soon enough could be soon or way later and I can get some Insurance, but right now, just a little more than scared & a whole lot Effed.

Your feed back is appreciated.

RE: Scared!! Diagonosed with throat cancer

by Dlynn1210 on Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:59 PM

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You did not say whether you have actually been diagnosed with cancer which would explain why you don't know whether it is stage 3 or 4.  Stage is not something you should speculate on. 

Once you have a definite diagnosis of cancer, then you are eligible for medicaid and SSI (social security supplement - eligible for those disabled but too young for Soc Sec).  Cancer is not something you want to self treat or try go only with an alternative course.  As for the flushes you mentioned would not help with head and neck cancer - and in fact, could hurt you if you do have cancer. 

Head and neck cancer is curable when caught early.  It is generally a slower growing cancer but that doesn't mean one can sit around for six months doing nothing.  

First - get a definite diagnosis

Second - Take the results from an oncologist to your social security office and apply for SSI and Medicaid.

Those of us who follow this blog are notified when someone posts here so you can communicate with many who have been down this road.  Private emailing is definitely prohibited by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America who created, monitor, and pay for this site. 


RE: Scared!! Diagonosed with throat cancer

by Awsumtime on Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:23 AM

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I was 49 when I had to quit working because. I did not get SSI or Medicaid. I applied for disability and in two years I won and receive Social Security and pay for my Medicare part B.

RE: Scared!! Diagonosed with throat cancer

by CCPYRAMID on Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:47 AM

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Wow, surprises too hear that some basic detoxification stuff could and or would hurt. I began too suspect issues and have all the symptoms i've seen and heard about through scanning the web(actual live Pic's & all), from the sore throat, pollups on the back of throat, swollen glands... all that. All signs basically point to bad dental & quite possably HPV encounter on top of it? , but I'd be a fool too not know unfortunetly. 

Every waking minute is either on a job site working for pennies at the moment or looking for another job on the web at night, so "TIME" is basically none & void. Just started scraping $$$ together too get dental work even if it was just pulled with cheap dentures so that regarding poor dental being a cause of it was at least out of the way..... Doctor bills seem like they would be discustingly mountainous......Chemo I heard is severely expensive and not so fun. If you've got no one too [pick you up & drop you off.......things like this as you can immagine really mess with someones head.  I appreciate you chiming in, was a little hard logging in & such. Not used too airing things out? BUt after a long while with massive dental issues and then slowely swollen glands & the like( soarness/all that ), it's deff the case, i'd be a straight mirical if it were not.

I've been reading everything I can thus far. & respectively that probably ain't much.....from RSO OIl curing & helping esophogus cancer, the Gersen diet( lot's of straight juicing and raw diets ) too the incredible cost of Chemo & why doctors love you in chemo's deff been a barrage of web info/opinions/cituations.

I am suprised too hear it that easy to receive SSI & such. Not sure what this would mean as far as "EMPLOYMENT". will it effect me being able to work? Will working cause SSI too be scaled down? And if I eventually/soon am on SSI, I guess the question is - can I recieve proper and enough treatments as well as "EARN"? (specifically the earning needed too survive daily? ( Apartment, food, clothing, gas for the car....? ) 

I am soooooo not knowledgable on disability and employment factors. Right not too me it's that "LOST CAUSE" Damned if I do Damned if I don't feeling/scenario.  I bairley scarape by and have been using previous saving too scrape by as well, surfice to say, above and beyond The big -"C", I feel I'll end up a homeless, carless, nothing less dude on the street without being able too work & somehow get ahead??

**THank you for your feedback thus far. I'll deff be checking in periodically too find out as much as I can. Once I saw the thread & scrolled through some chats/reply's about someone being a 7 year survivor,(regardless of eache persons sircumstances), it just fely kinda right too be able to get in touch with that person........

I'm really not looking forward to being deseased yet.

Thank for your initial input. I hope too continue iinformation on here as time goes by & questions arrise.


RE: Scared!! Diagonosed with throat cancer

by CCPYRAMID on Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:57 AM

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Wow, 2 years fighting with the system? & so they pay Medcare PART-b, but what else would it pay for? I've seen CHEMO cost as much as $12K per session in some cases( also seen the info of doctors getting kickbacks  at like 20-25% of it!!!), CHEMO is a racket as I have begun too find out? but then again I guess it just depends?   I've been crammed with info. SOme is not good regarding "the RACKET" related too chemo, and some is not good as far as similar too you, taking years too get a certain type of "BENIFIT"?   Somehow i don't see alot of things being taken care of by "THE" or "A" system........

I've seen alot recently on the ? GERSON DIET?  All juicing/raw vegitable/potassium Vs Sodium based salts....... ALot of NATURAL stuff, includiing R.S.O......Ralph Simpson OIL( CAnnibiss OIL). He cured his own skin cancer and bucked the Chemo system crap, & since then it has also been pproven to help cure other cancers as well?? Just like the GERSON DIET has cured even stage 4 cancers?  But I guess it just depends on the cancer type and other related things on just what combo of things a person needs?


RE: Scared!! Diagonosed with throat cancer

by Dlynn1210 on Thu Apr 27, 2017 01:07 AM

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I did not apply for SSI after my cancer diagnosis but I did when I was diagnosed with epileptic seizures many years ago.  I received SSI and Medicaid for the time I was unable to work until they were able to control the seizures with medication.  I was working when I was diagnosed with cancer and had insurance so I could afford to purchase Cobra.  I chose not to apply for the SSI benefits even though I knew of two people being treated at the same time I was treated that did apply and received it fairly quickly.

Anyone who may be eligible needs to check with their local social security office so they know for sure.  Most who need assistance cannot wait two years. 

I used to have a list of organizations that could help after a person was diagnosed with cancer but I don't know where I put it.  I did get it from someone on Cancer Compass though.     


RE: Scared!! Diagonosed with throat cancer

by Dlynn1210 on Thu Apr 27, 2017 01:27 AM

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If curing cancer were so easy you wouldn't see wealthy individuals, doctors, and nurses dying from it.  Rick Simpson cannabis oil is a farce.  Diets are important but again, not a cure all. I had cisplatin chemo and before the invent of cisplatin, tonsil cancer was a death sentence.  Instead I am 9 years out of treatment and still cancer free.  It is tough, but chemo is a racket that saves lives.  All you will find on CC are patients, care givers, and survivrs - and we are far from experts.  


RE: Scared!! Diagonosed with throat cancer

by Sanyout on Mon May 01, 2017 06:17 AM

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I hope you get better soon. :(

RE: Scared!! Diagonosed with throat cancer

by Sanyout on Tue May 02, 2017 01:23 AM

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Hello, you haven't started yet your medications? As a friendly advice my dear, you have to get up right now and head to your doctor and discussed with them about your treatment. Cheer up! Everything will be treated and goes normal. Good Luck!!

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