A new Cold Cap to mitigate hair loss

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A new Cold Cap to mitigate hair loss

by ColdCaps on Tue Nov 11, 2014 04:26 PM

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We are a group of students at CU Boulder, working on a Cold Cap to help chemotherapy patients retain their hair. We are concentrating on making the cap more comfortable (temperature), portable and affordable.

Just in case you have no idea what a cold cap is - it is a device patients undergoing chemotherapy can put on their heads, to mitigate hair loss. It works by cooling the scalp which then constrict the blood vessels on the patient’s head, and significantly lowers the amount of toxins that reach the hair.

Current solutions cost $1,000+  per chemo cycle, and since some use dry ice the process can be very painful. The technology we are working on lets us lower the costs significantly, and control the temperature to a much more comfortable level. If you have experience dealing with chemotherapy, please help us to create the best possible device by taking this short survey (1-2mins):Take Survey


  1. Are you currently undergoing chemotherapy, or have done so in the past?

    1. Male/Female

  2. Are you an oncology professional?

  1. Have you used a cold cap in the past, or know someone who has?

    1. If so which one? (Penguin, Dignicap, Other)

    2. How would you rate it? (1-10)

  2. What is the most important thing for you for in a cold cap?

    1. Cooling Temperature/Comfort of use

    2. Portability - being able to use it on the way back from chemotherapy, as well as back home. (cable connected to outlet/car)

      1. Why? (Open)

  1. If you had to go through chemotherapy again, will you be willing to pay $150 to rent a cold cap for the entire duration of the therapy, to help you retain your hair? (Yes/No)

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RE: A new Cold Cap to mitigate hair loss

by thespring on Fri Aug 10, 2018 08:09 PM

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