Protocell for Breast Cancer

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Protocell for Breast Cancer

by TracyLill01 on Mon Feb 02, 2015 01:28 AM

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My mum was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in Early October 2014. She has refused all treatment from conventional doctors and has been taking Protocell 50 since the end of October.

She has read the book "Out Smart Your Cancer" and now so have I. She has received a letter from her doctor saying that she is putting her life in danger by refusing medical treatment.

She has lost weight from the stress from a marriage break up before the diagnosis, but is still realtiively healthy. She would not have survived chemo, so this is her choice.

She is busy running around moving house, she still does meals on wheels delivery. She said after about two weeks on the protocell she saw some lycing and was encouraged by that.

She had the biopsy that confirmed the mass and has only had blood tests since then. She has refused a scann so we dont have a start mark for measuring the progress or the success of the Protocell.

I have confidence in it, because that is what my mother has chozen and we have to support her in this.

Has anyone heard of the pregnancy test that can pick up cancer cells?

If you wee on the stick and it shows you are pregnant, it has found cancer cells.

If it shows you are not pregnant, then no cancer cells were found. Can anyone confirm this type of test?

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