Mom age 59 diagnosed•Tumor in tail•help!

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RE: Mom age 59 diagnosed•Tumor in tail•help!

by Millerla on Sat Jun 13, 2015 03:43 AM

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On Jun 12, 2015 8:11 PM bambi99d wrote:


My heart breaks for you. You’ve been through so much trauma in a very short amount of time. I’m your age and my Mom was 56 when diagnosed and 57 when she passed. She had Stage III locally advanced P.C in the head of the pancreas without an distant spread.

I’m not a medical professional but it sounds like the cancer was effecting all of your mothers systems. From the mountains of research I’ve done this is common with P.C. P.C patients often do not pass from the cancer but all the complications the cancer causes.

Your Mom seems to have had a lot of chemo in short amount of time. 3 days in a row is a lot. On the last round of chemo my Mom had it was two days in a row – that was the beginning of the end for her. She ended up in the hospital as well and never recovered; only got more sick and weaker. At her last PET scan one tiny spot lit up. Basically her cancer wasn’t that bad, one of the doctors were saw even said that. It was the side effects of the chemo and the of the pancreas not working properly that were killing her including severe cachexia.

 My Mom passed away three years ago and I still can’t wrap my brain around what happened towards the end. It still replays in my head on a regular basis.

Prayers to you and your family in this difficult time. 

If your mom got it And my mom got it; And we are in our 30's, We need to get our pancreas's Checked out because it runs in our Family's her nutcase oncologist suggested I Get mine looked at at age 50- screw that. I'm going to Go get looked at way before 50. Did your mom smoke or drink? If yes, Did she drink canned beer? Lots of it? Or was she a non smoker/ non drinker?

RE: Mom age 59 diagnosed•Tumor in tail•help!

by bambi99d on Mon Jun 15, 2015 04:06 PM

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It’s very scary. My sister and I don’t know what to do about screening. There’s not a reliable cancer screening right now. The only thing is a CT scan or blood test to test for CA-19. Both are not very accurate since the tumor often does not show up on a CT scan until it’s advanced. I pray within the next 10 years they discover an accurate screening test. Johns Hopkins has a family tumor registry and they offer genetic counseling.



My Mom was not a drinker, but she did smoke. She also had type 2 diabetes. She got it at age 50. 5 years later so got P.C. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. She was never obese, but was overweight (maybe 20 -30lbs) in her 40’s. Once we got diabetes she watched her diet like hawk and started exercising. She looked and felt great- then she got P.C out of the blue.


Looking back now, she did have 3 of the risk factors of P.C. However, there are so many people out there that have all the risk factors and never get P.C!


Was your Mom a drinker and/or smoker? My sister and I both do not smoke and have never smoked, which I hope helps our chances of not getting it. 

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