Best doctors?

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Best doctors?

by andrewboston on Sat Jul 11, 2015 02:25 PM

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I'm starting to realize that you have to question your doctors, and pobably every center has one or two people that may be skilled at a particular procedure, so that limited skill set may determine your treatment.

My doctor started me on octreotide 100 sc every 12 hours.  Mostly contoled symptoms part of the time. I contaced her through the "patient gateway" to ask about going every 8 hours, no reply.  Guess I'll have to call the office every time in the future.

Tried to contact Mount Sinai in NYC.  They don't answer their phones! Tried 3 times.  They also don't answer E Mails. 

I'm really thinking I possibly need to go elsewhere - I'm from Massachusetts.  Would be interested in other's experiences.

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