Breakthrough for prostate cancer

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Breakthrough for prostate cancer

by shipl on Sat Jul 25, 2015 11:54 PM

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This exciting news appeared on TV here in Australia last week. Its called the "NanoKnife Operation". I Googled it & found that they have been trialling it in UK for about 4 years & now one of our leading surgeon in urology & prostate cancer, Professor Phillip Stricker, has started performing it successfully here after trialing it for about 8 months.

The surgery is virtually pain free and patients can go home after a couple of hours. Its not a knife as the name suggested. In brief the NanoKnife combines MRI images & Ultra sound to precisely navigate needles to target the tumour then sending electronic pulses through the perineum into the prostate. (it is similar technology used in latest MRI biopsy)

It would seem it works a bit like Rays original post below, its about using, Temperature to kill cancer. The electrical pulses open the pores of the cancer cells, they can no longer sirvive.

There is a patient criteria one has to meet at present & they expect only 15% of PC patients will meet this criteria now: 

* Gleason score 7 or above 

* Life expectancy greater than 10 years

* Cancer is localised to quarter or less of gland 

* Patient unsuitable for or REFUSES surgery

The cost is around $15,000 & you get nothing back, however  key hole surgery here is $22,000 to $28,000 & if your lucky you get $6000 back from Medicare & Health fund. Normal Op is about $8,800 & if your luck you get $2,800 back.

I gues like everthing we PC sufferers do, we need to make that decision for ourselves. How much value do you put on a long cancer free free life? However not all of us can find $15K no matter what the benifits It should be free & one day these things may be.

With the NanoKnife: No removal of the prostate, it is pain free, its all over in a day, it focuses on the tumur , the nerves are mostly uneffected, no cutting , no real risk of infection & no long term on going recovery & incontinence. If you meet the criteria, have the money available & it's available to you?????

I know it is only for patients in the early stages of PC & I think they are introducing this new technology with caution, as they should. But who knows what will develope from this & isn't it fantastic that they are moving so quickly with tecnology & that our sons, grandsons & other family members as well as their friends have something to look forward to in fighting this wretched cancer in the future.

In March last year they where not even using the MRI/Ultrasound biopsy here , now this & who knows it could just lead to assisting with technology for various other cancers.

While I continue on my various alternate programs I am certaily appreciative & thankful to those professionals who continue to work on the prevention & cures for all cancers but right now especially prostate cancer.

This is definately worth the read. /surgical-breakthrough-for-prostate-cancer/

Take care & good luck

Cheers  Charlie 


RE: Breakthrough for prostate cancer

by jwt1253 on Tue Mar 08, 2016 03:32 AM

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Thank you for posting, we are scheduled for an appt with a practice doing this to hear about brachytherapy. We will ask them about Nanoknife, too.

RE: Breakthrough for prostate cancer

by lycopeneliker on Sat Oct 08, 2016 02:30 PM

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There is this other new method to kill cancer, hypothermia, which looks good. I like simple methods rather than surgery. In fact I often run hot water over my back, while showering, in the area of my pain.  I don't know if it is actually killing cancer cells, really.  My shower is probably not hot enough.  I think it takes 160 degrees F but my hot water tank is set at 140.  It feels good, though.

RE: Breakthrough for prostate cancer

by StanToronto on Sat Oct 08, 2016 05:53 PM

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lycopeneliker: "There is this other new method to kill cancer, hypothermia"

I suspect you meant to say "hyperthermia"; and it does work; but it is going to take more than running hot water over your back.

I have a friend who had breast cancer, and then developed lymphoma. When she attended the cancer centre, the treating oncologist just happened to own a health spa a few minutes away, and set her up for hyperthermic treatment. He previously practiced in Europe, where hyperthermia is a common effective treatment.

160 degrees sounds about right. Heat treatment is so painful that it can only be administered under total anesthetic. After just two treatments, my friend no longer displayed any evidence of disease; and that was over two years ago.


RE: Breakthrough for prostate cancer

by shipl on Mon Oct 10, 2016 06:52 AM

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Just doing a test Mike to see if CC message board is working its been down all day.



RE: Breakthrough for prostate cancer

by shipl on Mon Oct 10, 2016 07:58 AM

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Hi Mike,

Hyperthermia or Thermal Therapy has been around for some time, I have read articles dating back to 2011 relating to it being used successfully for various cancers.

Stan is right it is not as simple as running 140F hot water on your back despiting it feeling soooo good.

Hyperthermia is about exposing body tissue to high temperatures of up to 113F or 45C for a period of time, they say these high temperatures can damage &/or kill cancer cells without injuring normal tissues. How ever I think the    "One size does not fit all" rule would apply.

I have a large 1500 litre, 45 jet, dual pressure pump system hot spa on the enclosed back veranda. I have been using it for like a passive massage for a 35 year old lower back injury & other muscle aches & pains after work, I use it 5 to 6 night a week. I have been now running it at 40C thats about 104F, that is short of the maximum temperature they talk about but in the range i'm told.

Its hard to get into & I stay in for about 40 miniutes with heart control on, (watch TV) I don't no if its doing anything for my PC but it certainly feels great when I get out & no pain next day. The following link may help you understand what Hyperthermia is about.

How are you going with the Artemisinin? I started on it yesterday, however after more research I am thinking of switching to Coartem when I finish the bottle.

After reading the "Juicing the Rainbow" article I increased my Lycopene intake 3 fold. The more I research this the more I think you are on to something special with this. I have also increased my garlic intake ( although I cannot eat it raw or drink it raw in a fruit/veggie smoothie).

While everything is going well for me & my cancer is contained in what seems to be a now larger prostate I still need to keep on top or ahead of it & I need to get my PSa down from 44. (I read an interesting post on"Inspire" that said the size of your prostate can contribute to higher PSa as there is more tissue to generate the PSa, sounds like a possibility)

While doing some research on taking Artemisinin, I read you need to really look after your liver & do regular cleansing, I found the following link helpful.

Another treatment to Google is the benifits of Oxygen & cancer treatment.

Good luck, take care. Cheers Charlie 

RE: Breakthrough for prostate cancer

by lycopeneliker on Sun Oct 30, 2016 04:12 PM

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You asked: "How are you going with the Artemisinin? I started on it yesterday, however after more research I am thinking of switching to Coartem when I finish the bottle."

Sorry I missed this and you asked me how I am doing.  I have discontinued my 4/day lycopene because all pain is gone. I am monitoring and will increase lycopene if I suspect something. 

I am taking lycopene/tomato soup/spaghetti sauce/coctail sauce about 1 serving per day. I miss occasionally due to busy lifestyle, but try to get at least a small raw tomato in there.

I have a month-old bruise on my elbow from a work injury but I don't think it is cancer related. It seems to be a simple bruise, pain only when I touch it, and not lycopene affected, meaning when I have spaghetti or tomato soup, the pain does not reduce, as with the back pain.

Suspected cancer in back spine between shoulder blade, pain is no longer there for the most part, although it does pick up with some things I eat. I suspect that is simply referred pain from stomach. If it bothers my sleep, I take acid controller Famitodine. That pain is no longer significant to me and I am thinking I am cancer free, although wary.

I am taking artemisinin still in small portions. I mix the powder from about six capsules with a tablespoon of tumeric, black pepper, garlic salt, and paprika.  I then put it in a shaker and use one or two times a day on fried potatoes, in tomato soup, or whatever seems right.  I believe the small amounts of those spices is doing my body good.  A radiation burn, which is a sort of benign skin tumor, on my cheek from a dental xray twenty years ago is slowly normalizing. I account that to the tumeric. 

As for the effect of the artemisinin, or any of the spices, I cannot say if they are doing anything, but they do not have any noticeable side effects.

As for the hot showers, i continue to do that for a minute or two per day. I don't know about effectiveness of that either, but at the present time, I have no, repeat NO, symptoms of cancer.  Last PSA was <.1, undetectable, in early September.  

I also am seafood only diet, occasionally chicken, with veggie products like Morningstar Farms grillers or sausage patties roughly half of my protein source. I like shrimp and salmon, which are good with pasta with pesto or garlic bread.

My case may be different from yours because I had rad therapy back in 08, and hormone therapy three times, last finished in June 16, but Bicalutimide until early September. Next PSA check in December. 

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