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Stage IV Colon Cancer-THC Cannabis Oil Therapy

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Stage IV Colon Cancer-THC Cannabis Oil Therapy

by cscottandcarly on Tue Aug 18, 2015 02:53 AM

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My 42 year old husband was just diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer-with liver metastasis.

We are trying THC Cannabis Oil as his primary therapy for a few months.  He did one round of Folfox-which made him violently ill-and his next scan showed that his cancer had spread like wildfire (12 Liver lesions! and a new large tumor growing in his pelvic region)-after just one round of chemo. His doctor cancelled his next chemo round, sent his tumor off for genomic testing, and has referred us to a Specialist in Genomic Mutations (which Scott has 53)

So, rather than sit around and wait, we moved forward with the THC cannabis oil therapy-after a massive amount of research and with his doctor's total support.

So Scott begun the THC Oil therapy last Tuesday.  

How well it works, we will see at his next scan.  But if it works, I think we will have some real hope to offer people like us.  

Scott and I are really interested to know who else who has done this therapy, or who is currently doing it or wants to try it.

I wish you all the best of luck and please let me know if you have questions or info that can help us. 

We are terrified, but excited and hopeful at the same time!


RE: Stage IV Colon Cancer-THC Cannabis Oil Therapy

by LetsDoThis on Mon Aug 24, 2015 02:43 PM

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My partner (35) is also trying cannabis oil. He has had no treatment since December, not so much through choice but more because there is nothing left to give him.

He has been taking it alsongised other alternative treatments, mostly immune boosters for a few months now. I forget when he started. He initially took it at night but woke a few nights running in a bit of a panic, we blamed it on the oil and he now takes it during the day and is fine.

Unfortunatley he is terrified of having a scan and hearing bad news so we don't actually know if it is doing any good. He saw his oncologist last week who couldn't believe how well he was and he practically begged him to have a scan but he wouldn't.

We are also doing to genetic testing so before that starts he will need to have a scan and that wull reveal if it has been working or not. I will let you know. Please also let me know how you and your husband get on.

Wouldn't it be amazing if it worked!!

Amy x


RE: Stage IV Colon Cancer-THC Cannabis Oil Therapy

by cscottandcarly on Mon Aug 24, 2015 07:11 PM

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Hi Amy.

I am so sorry that this has happened you and your partner. This is such a terrible thing to go through and I cannot imagine how much you all have endured since it all started.  How long have you guys been fighting this?  We just started down this road, so I cannot tell you how much it means to us to hear of you and your partner's efforts.

Can you tell me a little bit about the previous treatments you guys have tried?  I am am interested to know more about the progression of the disease and the impact it had on your partner. For example, Scott generally seems so heallthy-it is seems unreal that a ke areiller is in him.  It sounds like your guy.  Scott is also terrified to get scans, particularly since the last in mid-July took us from stage 3 to stage 4.  Was your guy told stage 4 right from the start? If not, when and where did it spread?  Was there lymph node involvement? Of 24 lymph nodes removed, Scott had 14 positive for cancer. If this is all too personal, please just ignore anything you don't care to respond to or don't know.

We are exactly 3 months from the diagnosis, so your story is of real interest to me-your partner is so young, just like Scott, and they are both way younger than most facing this. 

Does your partner have colon cancer? Gene mutations are important factors in the new cutting edge targeted therapy.  

Certain targeted therapies are very promising (cetuximbad and panitumumab), but for patients the KRAS mutations, these drugs are both ineffective and extra toxic!

The quality of the test matters, according to the specialist in genomic oncology research that we just saw.  In fact, we were just informed that the initial KRAS test was negative, but the Foundation One test was positive for the mutation.

And regarding cannabis oil therapy, thankfully, some states have made it an option for people to consider.  Whether someone is choosing as a way to avoid chemo or someone is using it because chemo didn't work, I am so excited that the option is there.

About Scott and his levels of oil that he is taking.  Scott has been taking CBD, Charlotte's Web Oil, to combat his seizures-which is why we moved to Colorado.  He has not had a grand mal seizure since he started this, btws.  He takes about two grams a week, and from what I have found out is that this CBD level is likely why Scott has had absolutely no trouble with the Colorado Cannabis Oil-the CBD supposedly can help minimize the psychoactive effects. He started on the Oil August 11th and is already taking over two grams a day.  We are trying to get him as quickly to 60 grams as possible.

If you can afford to add CBD oil to your partner's therapy, it may really help.  I don't know where you are located, but I can suggest some places to get the best and highest level CBD oil in an around Boulder County.  

Amy-I do hope so much that your guy's scan comes back with major improvements.  I am sending positive energy and some good mojo your way.  

Scott will be having one on September 20th, so we have a while to wait. 

We can beat this, Amy.  Remember, since they are trying something different, they have the possibility of some very different results.

RE: Stage IV Colon Cancer-THC Cannabis Oil Therapy

by cscottandcarly on Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:08 AM

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We had an unplanned CT Scan today.  Scott had been sick all weekend, felling nauseous and vomiting so we called his Oncologist they sent us to the ER.  

They did a scan to see if the rapidly spreading liver metasasis had continued to progress. Needless to say, we were kind of expecting bad news. Scott has only been on the Colorado Cannabis Oil, exclusively, so we are both filled with worry that putting off Chemo is going to allow this to spread more. 

But then the Doctor came in and told us that the tumors in his liver had shrunk dramatically! In just a few weeks.  In the weeks since we started Cannabis Oil therapy.  No chemo, just the oil and CBD oil, too.

I got a copy of the scan myself, because I couldn't grasp that this was true-that the tumors could be going away--After looking at them and comparing the is true.  Scott went from having more than a dozen lesions to having only about three left, and none very large.

The news today was totally unexpected and so overwhelming! I have tons of research to do to find out if something else could have done this. 

We still have a month and a half on the cannabis treatment before we go for traditional therapies, and if this works...well maybe we can forgo that stuff all together!  


RE: Stage IV Colon Cancer-THC Cannabis Oil Therapy

by LetsDoThis on Wed Aug 26, 2015 08:50 AM

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Wasn't able to reply yeterday for some reason, sorry!

What brilliant news for you and Scott, I am so happy for you both. Please let me know when you have done your research.

Back to your first message, I am happy to talk about it all, nothing is too personal so please ask anything you want.

Justin was diagnosed with colon cancer in February 2013 after being admitted to hospital over Xmas 2012. We weren't together at this point so I am unsure of some of the details. He had surgery also in February, the surgery was said to be successful and he went on to have chemotherapy in around March/April time.

I met him in August when he had 2 more rounds of chemotherpy to go, he was very open about his cancer and told me that he is due a scan in September and he is expecting to get the all clear. He was so certain that he asked me to come with him and we arranged a night out with all his friends to celebrate. What actaully happened was the Onc told him that he had 2 'lumps,' one on a lymph node near his pancreas and one on his peritineum (excuse bad spelling!!). Gutting!!

Justin had a PET scan in December and neither of the lumps showed up so they weren't cancer. We were over the moon and had the best Christmas!!

February 2014 a CT scan showed both lumps had grown so they were in fact cancer!! Back to being gutted again. It was also now that Justin was told that he was incurable. I refused to belive it and tried to find surgeons and treatments but whever we went we were always told 'no.'

Justin went on to have 2 more different combinations of chemotherpy but neither were successful. Finally he had radiotherapy in December 2014. That was horrendous and made him so poorly!

March 2015 a scan showed that there was very little growth in both tumours, good news, however there were also 10 lesions across both lungs!

None of the treatments that Justnin has been given have worked and we are now out of treatment options as Justin has had them all. We turned to Champions Oncology who take biopsies of the tumour, grow them and trial different chemotherapies against them. Unfortunatley the biopsies didn't grow so they couldn't test the drugs.

We are now trying one more thing that is similar to Champions but they don't have to grow the biopsy for the drugs to be tested. I will let you know how we get on.

Alternative treatments - Justin mostly takes things that are going to keep him healthy. As I am sure you know, chemotherpy weakens the immune system so much we don't want him getting something minor and it turning into something huge that he can't fight. So far they seem to be working.

10 IP6 Am and Pm

1 zinc tablet Am and Pm

4 Chollera tablets Am and Pm

Multivit Am and Pm

2 Vit D Am and Pm

1 can't remember the name but it is for a healthy gut, good bacteria, like an actimel!

30 Apricot Kernals crushed

1 wheatgrass shot Am and Pm

1 glass of Vit C Am and Pm

1 pint of squash with fulvic minerals AM and pm

1 cube of canabis oil Am only

1 Dirt pill once a week (info below)

1 glass of homemade juice with berries and greens Am and Pm.

I think that is everything! Sorry for such a lengthy email.

If you haven't heard of it you should good the 'Dirt Vaccine and Proffessor John Stanford.' Let me know if you are interested and I can elaborate more, just aware at how long this is and you have probably snoozed off by now!

Last thing I am in England. Happy to discuss any of the above in more detail, just ask.

Amy x


RE: Stage IV Colon Cancer-THC Cannabis Oil Therapy

by LetsDoThis on Wed Aug 26, 2015 08:56 AM

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some things I missed:

I am not sure about lymph node involvement in the begining, I wasn't there like i said and I am sure Justin has told me but I dont remember.

I think the oil we use is a combo of both but higher THC.

Why is Scott having seizures?

Justin's cancer is hereditory (again, can't spell!). There is a gene that gets passed down the family. Justin's Granddad, Aunt, Mum and sister all have it. Its called Lynch syndrome and makes them more likely to have certain cancers. There is a 50% chance of passing the gene on to your children.

Think thats everything!

Amy x

RE: Stage IV Colon Cancer-THC Cannabis Oil Therapy

by cscottandcarly on Thu Aug 27, 2015 01:11 AM

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Hi Amy.

Scott is taking Colorado Cannabis Oil and Charlotte's Web Oil, both are the highest THC and CBD that one can get.  I has a suspicion that it might be the combo of these two things that are working for Scott.

If you are in Colorado, I would get a hold of these two and forget the others.  We tried several high CBD oils and nothing stopped Scott's seizures until we got the Charlotte's Web.  

He has seizures from a car accident that he had as a teenager.  His seizures got worse and worse over the years and he almost died from them several times.  He was in a coma twice in one year from them and we knew we had to try something radical.  So we decided to try for Colorado and I got a job immediately and we moved out here last November.  

So anyway, I really think the Colorado Cannabis Oil which is supposed to be comparable to the Rick Simpson Oil.  It cost just under $600 for 30 grams.  Scott has taken about twenty or so grams thus far.  And the results are stunning.

Scott also has hereditary cancer, but we are still waiting on the Lynch results.  The Breast Cancer gene, which Scott has also has a 50% chance of passing on and they aren't sure if there is a colon connection-but it is possible.

What state are you in?

Keep me posted.   

RE: Stage IV Colon Cancer-THC Cannabis Oil Therapy

by LetsDoThis on Thu Aug 27, 2015 08:28 AM

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Hello, I don't know if you have seen but i sent 2 replies.

The first one details what we are doing with alternative treatments and about Justin's cancer.

I only ask because I said in there that I was from England, it doesn't matter I just didnt want you to think I was rude for not answering all your previous questions.

I will google the 2 oils and see what I find.


RE: Stage IV Colon Cancer-THC Cannabis Oil Therapy

by cscottandcarly on Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:58 PM

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Hi Amy,

So sorry, I missed you saying you were from England.  You know us Americans!  LOL

You all are really going at it with the alternative treatments, I don't know how you all can keep it all in order.

Scott is going to begin to do certain dietary things that are supposed to help create an inhospitable environment for Cancer.  So I am going research the things on your list.  

I really hope you can get access to the cannabis oils- They do need to be very high in THC and CBD, but there are ways even to make it.  Although I am not sure how the laws effect Justin's access.  Because we are in the state of Colorado, there are no barriers to Scott getting access.

Please keep me posted and let me know if I can assist.


RE: Stage IV Colon Cancer-THC Cannabis Oil Therapy

by LetsDoThis on Fri Aug 28, 2015 09:22 AM

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We figured as Justin wasn't on any chemo it was a good chance for us to 'go alternative.' I don't think he would take it if I didn't lay it all out for him, I leave him a little concoction before I go to work and he takes it all throughout the day.

Diet wise I really believe in the low alkaline stuff. It's a really boring diet of pretty much raw vegetables and wiping out anything sugary or processed. I have a list that I can send you if you want but you can find it on line too. Justin won't go for it though, he's a big guy and said that kind of diet would just make him feel sick with hunger. We try to keep low alkaline and bought the spit test strips but it's not easy.

Sorry if you know all this already, you seem a bit of a reasearch queen like myself! Oxygen too, there are theories that cancer hate oxygen and cannot grow in a heavily oxygenated environment. I would love Justin to have oxygen therapy but he won't go for it, doesn't like the thought of being locked in the tank. That is why we do the wheatgrass and the chollera, good for oxygen.

I read somewhere that you hear about cancer of all sorts of body parts, parts you never knew could get cancer but have you ever heard of heart cancer? I haven't. The heart is the most oxygenated organ in the body and it doesn't get cancer! Maybe just a coincedience.

I kinda think, none of this can do any damage, it can't make the cancer worse, so if you can afford it and Scott is able to do it then anything is worth a try.

I am not sure of the THC or CBD in ours, it's not legal here, so don't talk about it too much in case the police come knocking!

I haven't met anyone else 'going alternative' so please let me know how you get on and I am happy to talk about anything we do and answer any questions.

Amy xx

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