ET and The Homeopathic Thread

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ET and The Homeopathic Thread

by Sandywithay on Wed Sep 23, 2015 07:00 PM

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I stumbled onto this message board while searching for information on exercise and ET.                                                 

I was diagnosed with ET 6 years ago and have the mutated Jac2 gene. My highest platelet count before treatment was 996,000.

In reading a post in this discussion board in which homeopathic remedies andcureswere suggested as substitutes for treatment and medication; I am very concerned and frankly appalled that anyone would advocate using homeopathy in the treatment of any cancer.

The thread contained these statments….Hydroxyurea causes leukemia.

Yes, there is some evidence that Hydroxyurea may have a 3 to 4% chance of being a contributing factor in ET advancing to Acute Myeloid Leukemia. It is yet unproven. Unfortunately a small number (less than 10%) of patients with ET will go onthrough the natural progression of the disorder, not the drugs taken to assist in its maintenance, to develop myelofibrosis and/or Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

What are the chances of having a stroke, a pulmonary embolism, a heart attack with ET that is uncontrolled? Pretty darn good actually.

The thread contained also made reference to....the use of ph balanced diets, organic food, wheatgrass, bee pollen etc. etc.

Taking personal responsibility for ones health and wellbeing through diet change etc. is admirable. Suggesting others do so and perhaps disregarding needed medications is not.

Special dietary considerations one should possibly be aware of is excessive amounts of Vitamin K. Vitamin K thickens the blood and as patients with ET already have thick, sticky blood these foods should be used in moderation. Foods highest in Vitamin K are dark leafy greens. (Kale, Spinach, Collard greens, etc.) I made the choice to not use these foods in excess. The only reason I mention this is, one poster suggested green shakes to assist in treatment of ET.

Personally…I choose to take Hydroxurea and an aspirin every day. This is my choice, made after much research on my part and input from my physician. I also follow a fairly strict, balanced diet. I exercise, I hydrate well and I follow my physicians instructions. All my choices.

I also choose to do everything I can to not have a stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism etc. that I may have been able to prevent.

I further choose, and am obligated to do everything I can to not become a burden to my family who love and who depend on me.

By taking my Hydroxurea and my aspirin daily I am doing what I can do to help prevent the stroke that I will most likely survive.

My survival would most likely involve my family having to care for me as an invalid. An invalid that could have been their wife, mother, grandmother for many years; that will drain their assets due to the expense of my care; that will rip their hearts out every time they have to help me eat or change my diaper. An invalid that still has ET.

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