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by demerich1957 on Thu Oct 22, 2015 02:30 AM

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OverallPET and CT image quality and inter-modality registration are satisfacotry.  Mediastinal blood pool SUVavg is 2.1.  Hepatic parenchma sSUVavg is 2.9.

2 prominent hypermetabolic left axillary lumph nodes SUV max 11.1.  Postsurgical change within the left lateral breast.  Surgical changes in the left back with mild increased FDG uptake.  Small nonFDG avid left basilar opacity likely atelectasis. 

Abdomen and Pelvin:  focal increased uptake in the descending colon.  Photopenic low-density right renal lesions. 

Osseous structures:  physiologic FDG uptake within the osseous structures.

What does this mean in my terms.


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