Thymus Cancer

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Thymus Cancer

by dorne on Sun Nov 08, 2015 11:52 PM

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 I am now in my secound bout with this disease. Have just finished 8 rounds of chemo described to me as only being pallative care. Dr.s at Mayo Clinic Rochester Mn. said surgery was not an option as as it has metastisized and is in my bones, majorly in my spine. Radiation is out of the question because of the damage done to my lungs trying to get rid of it the first time. I now have only 15%-20% use of my lungs am on oxygen 24/7. I also absorb Co2 at a higher rate than normal range. Has anyone out there had this efffect them?

    I am now waiting to have my scans (CT,MRI,PET) 3 months after chemo. The stress level gets higher and higher as the date grows closer. I don't show how worried I am to family and friends because 1) it has been my job to support them and keep a positive vibe going and 2) their idea of support is to tell me to stay positive and not to  worry !

LOL if it was that easy I would do it.

  It has been so long since I have signed on here. Within a few weeks several peopleon this site died as did a very close friend and I just couldn't face it. I am afraid of dying ( I keep that a secret, don't want to scare the family)

I am not afraid of death,I have my faith. I am afraid of the act of dying and none of my Dr.s seem to want to discuss near end issues. Has anyone else experienced this?

  I checked my e-mail and saw some conversations everyone here seems to know so much about each other I feel like the odd one out. Then I saw how old some of these e-mails were ! thats why I started a new thread. If anyone picks it up ...fine if not at least I had a chance to vent a bit.



RE: Thymus Cancer

by goochiebozo on Thu Apr 25, 2019 03:54 PM

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Hello - I'm not sure if you still do log on to this website. Just wanted to connect with you if possible as my mom has had thymic carcinoma since Sept 2015 and she's been through about 8 different line of treatments (IV chemo, radio, oral chemo, immunotherapy, an immuno-suppressant drug, etc). The tumour has spread to the left lung (with fluid accumulation), liver and a little on the bones. At the moment it seems we're in the last leg, as there does not seem to be anymore meaningful treatment options available for my mom. So yeh, a matter of pain management...

I hope you're well, and take care always.

Best regards


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